The Toronto Institute for the Enjoyment of Music Logo

Though I am curious about the off-kilter edges of the dictation paper in the centre of this logo (why it was designed that way), I think the bass clef hearts and surrounding circular musical staff create a warm sense of what this newly formed school is about: changing the perception of music education to one about love, appreciation and community. Enjoyment is their focus rather than hard work, practicing and achievement, which is more typical of, say, the RCM school of music education (I went through the RCM, and still love music, but no longer play).

The Toronto Institute for the Enjoyment of Music is about catering to students’ love of music, playing, and their specific musical tastes. The school’s manifesto is all about placing students’ enjoyment above all other elements of learning, which they assert will build a strong foundation for sustained and enhanced development of skills and appreciation for the art.


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