Okanagan Spring Brewery Logo


One of the things I’ve missed most since leaving BC is access to a stunning variety of micro-breweries. Ontario’s got some great small brewery’s, but the local Beer Store’s “choice” ain’t got nothing on BC’s “Cold Beer and Wine” stores. Needless to say, my mouth has been watering ever since I noticed that Okanagan Spring Brewery has gone through a beautiful re-branding process at the hands of Subplot.

While I’m taken with the entire direction they’ve chosen, what I’m most impressed with is the logo – it is simple, clear, and perfectly conveys what the company is all about: handcrafted beer.

I should also mention that Subplot has posted a great rundown of the re-branding process on their site for anyone interested. Their case study offers a welcome inside look to anyone interested in the work which goes into re-branding a product such as this.

– James Kingsley

Via the excellent James Kingsley blog.

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