InterAccess Logo

Fidel Pea  :  Underline Studio

“InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre is a not-for-profit, artist-run centre that enables artists and the general public to explore the intersections of art and technology” ( – and what better representation of this mission than a logo built of expressively swaying, chaotically disparate yet occasionally interconnected threads?

While squiggly symbols and logos seem to be popping up everywhere, other attempts have disappointed by failing to explore the concept to its fullest potential. Thankfully, Toronto-based Underline Studio has taken the InterAccess identity to the next level by developing a visual vernacular of meandering filaments which inhabit every expression of the InterAcces brand, often times in unusual and unexpected ways.

The result is an identity that consists of allusions to, as opposed to depictions of, the core logo – the logo-proper doesn’t appear once on the InterAccess website, for example. A thing of beauty on its own (and seemingly a rare sight to behold), the InterAccess logo is but a small part of an ambient identity that perfectly embodies the organization’s core philosophy, while speaking to a growing movement away from logos-as-sacred-cows and towards extensible and remixable content-generating logos and logotypes.

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