Government of Newfoundland & Labrador Brand Signature

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In October of 2006, Premier Danny Williams revealed the new brand signature for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, replacing the 40+ versions of the previous provincial logo (which had all been built around the province’s coat of arms). The new version is a simplistic and stylized illustration of the Pitcher plant; a carnivorous plant found growing in the bogs and marshes of the province that has been a symbol of Newfoundland for decades. The logo also includes the words ‘Newfoundland Labrador’, leaving out the ‘and’ of the official name, a move that has drawn much debate and criticism.

Williams says the new logo, created by award-winning Target Marketing & Communications Inc. who have produced stellar marketing campaigns for the province in the past, is meant to embody the essence of both the province and its people – creative, resilient and resourceful, while also reflecting a rich heritage and bright future.

Click here to see the logo’s promotional video

-Angela Noonan

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