Emily Car University of Art + Design (Canada’s other art and design university née art and design college), tapped in-house designer Cari Bird to revitalize the institution’s identity in the wake of its recent transition to degree-granting status.

The logo is clean, subtle, and lends itself to myriad interpretations and media (such as this charming light animation). Although the graphic appears to reference that clichéd draw-a-perfect-circle-by-hand exercise most any art and design institution alumnus/na will either fondly or frustratedly remember, the overall identity seems somehow lacking in its connection to art, design and education.

This may be one situation where creating such a versatile, and remixable logo will be both a bane and a boon. A boon because the form will be explored to its fullest potential, and a bane because there’s a high probability that the original form will pale in comparison to those that it spawns.

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