Canadian Wheat Board Logo


What a wonderful sleeper of a logo…who knew that great design had made it all the way to the resource management of the prairies.

This sound logo presents us with a simplified wheat metaphor placed beside a heavily kerned sentimental font in the rich colour of wheat. These elements being presented side by side creates a complex message in our mind. It connects us comfortably to the past (the seriff font) and to an updated emotion (wheat symbol) in a colour that represents wealth (gold). The past and present living together, without conflict or stress, which perfectly embodies the needs of the client. Reflect the past values of why the CWB was created, and present a contemporary business still relevant today.

We are so immersed in visual content, most of which is merely created rather than designed, it has become rare to see work reach such depth. I guess that I should applaud the ocean of eye filler we see daily, it allows design gems like this to stand out like a siren.


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