CFJBCDC Coat of Arms


The field is purple. In the centre is an enflamed grenade in gold framed by three gold triangles, their points downward, joined at the corners. On each of the triangles is a symbol in black. Clockwise from the upper left, these are the symbols for a nuclear radiation hazard, a biological hazard, and a chemical hazard. The purple colour has long been used to represent joint forces units, and it indicates the unit’s links to other joint formations within the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff group. The grenade refers to the counter-terrorist role of the Joint Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence Company, and its work with various police forces in explosives ordnance disposal. The triangle with a black symbol has come to represent a hazard. The symbols within the triangles have been developed in the latter part of the 20th century for nuclear, biological and chemical hazards.

-The Canadian Heraldic Authority

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