Canada Organic Logo


The federal government unveiled a new Canada Organic logo in Barrie, Ont.  The logo will show consumers which products have been tested and certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The stamp of approval will only be displayed on food that meets Canada’s standards, including:

* The use of natural fertilizers in production
* Animals raised in conditions that mimic nature as much as possible
* Products that contain at least 95 per cent organic ingredients.

“Canada’s New Government is delivering certified choice for consumers,” said Chuck Strahl, the minister of agriculture, who presented the new symbol at a farmer’s market. “This logo means consumers will know that products that bear it have met strict criteria and are certified organic”. The move is part of new federal regulations announced late last year, and all organic products will have to be certified for domestic and international trade by the end of 2008. Ottawa also hopes the regulations will give Canada a competitive edge in food exporting – more than 40 other countries world-wide already have regulatory frameworks in place.

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