Becker’s Logo


Becker’s Milk is a franchised chain of convenience stores in Ontario, one of which was in my neighbourhood growing up. Silcorp acquired the chain, the parent company of rival Mac’s Convenience Stores, in the mid-1990s. Silcorp merged with another company in 1999 and since then the Becker’s name has been slowly retired in favour of the Mac’s banner.

Phased out along with the store are the signs, with their hand-drawn text and logo. The font is bold and quirky. Combined with the logo and simple colour scheme, these signs are instantly recognizable. They are lo-fi and more down-home neighbourhood than the more ubiquitous chains of convenience stores. A fixture of my youth, I will miss Becker’s when it’s gone for good – more for the visual affect of the signs on the landscape of my neighbourhood than for the egg nog we used to drink at Christmas.


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