BC Transit Logo Redesign



BC Transit, the crown corporation that provides public transportation throughout British Columbia (except for Metro Vancouver), has been exploring a new identity including this logo and a new livery. The rebrand has yet to launch system wide, but we’ve been living with the new identity in Victoria for almost a year now. Still, I keep hoping this will undergo one more revision before launch.

Recently, BC Transit has made major efforts to improve services and increase ridership. Rebranding is a logical extension of these efforts; a great opportunity to focus public attention, repackage the transit experience and get us looking positively into the future. Unfortunately, this design feels like a missed opportunity. The italic text and two-colour-gradient-knot business are definitely flashier than the old logo, but they’re too pedestrian to grab anyone’s attention and too amateurish to change public perceptions or create any kind of brand cachet.

As one fellow Victorian has already pointed out, the design also doesn’t say much for the future of new transit solutions in BC. While BC Transit’s mandate refers to “passenger transportation systems and rail systems” and current projects such as the Victoria Regional Rapid Transit Project (VRRTP) are examining solutions from rail to water taxis, this logo (with it’s abstracted road) seems tied to the existing solution – buses and pavement.

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