BC Centennial Logo


Photo: Sam Carter Collection

Hard to believe that a version of this clumsy logo almost become British Columbia’s provincial flag: At the time of the centennial, BC like most other provinces had no official flag. In the years leading up to the centennial, the government began to search the archives for flags that might have some historical precedent. “When a search of the archives failed to reveal any special flag used to identify the province, the 1958 centennial committee adopted a pedestrian design which placed a goulash of shields, dates, letters, factories, trees, mountains, and ocean, upon a blue field.” (Imagine this logo placed on a white shield on a blue ground, with a few Dogwood flowers thrown in for good measure and you’ve got the idea.) Thankfully, the design was never officially adopted as the provincial flag; though Parliament approved the design in principal, the public outrage halted any legislation. British Columbia’s official flag was adopted in 1960.

Via: BC150 Applied Arts Project
*Source: The Flags of Canada by Alistair B.Fraser

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