Logging Road Signs

road-sign-2.jpgget-the-hint-sharp-corner.jpgjap-trap.jpgwake-up-and-watch-out.jpgPhoto: Don Laird

If any of you have been to the backwoods of British Columbia, the places that only logging roads penetrate, than you know about the rough culture and even rougher roads that line through it. The roads are not part of the official highway system, rather, they are set up and maintained by the lumber companies, and only after considerable time do some of them enter into the map making of the province.

The roads suffer from two negative forces. One, they are sadistically designed, weaving with hairy switchbacks and impossible corners, and two, the main users of them are big log truck operators (who make the road signs that dot the way), driving relatively free of any traditional road rules, driving like they own the road, which they do.

These are not areas that welcome the outside, enter at your own risk.

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