La Vittoria 2013

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For five years, Montreal design shop lg2boutique has partnered with La Vittoria, an annual gastronomic gala in Montreal that raises money for a different charity every year. In 2013, that charity was the Regroupement de Cuisines Collectives du Quebec and its Hochelage-Maisonneuve and Montérégie locations. The “collective kitchen” concept is prominent throughout Quebec; the province has 17 RCCQ outposts dedicated to “food autonomy” — also known as access to healthy, affordable food. These collective kitchens show members the basics of cooking and how to share ingredients to keep costs down.

The collateral for the event included signs, programs and a website, all highlighting the theme “Racines” (“Roots”). The idea of back-to-basics cooking and food sourced from the ground is reflected in the use of root vegetable graphics. In keeping with the theme, the programs illustrate the French origins of Quebec cooking by highlighting chefs César Troisgros and Éric Gonzales.

Via our friends at Applied Arts Magazine.

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