The Modern Eye Exhibit – Victoria, British Columbia


In addition to conveying a lot of information in a small amount of space (the 120 page catalog features more than 200 Canadian designs, over 70 designer bios and two curatorial essays), The Modern Eye catalog succeeds at conveying the tone of this era in Canadian design without resorting to flat-out mimicry. The design makes prominent use of Carl Dair/Rod McDonald’s Cartier Book typeface and a classic modernist grid structure, while the airy, full-bleed layouts, floating page numbers and unique cover treatment aim for a more contemporary feel.

”The Modern Eye curator, Allan Collier was interested in developing an eye logo for the cover, but this felt a bit too on-the-nose. Instead, we developed an eye graphic (with a tiny maple leaf ‘glint’) that could be laser cut into the solid red cover. All of the cover text is applied as a gloss coating, so what grabs your attention is the eye.“
– Michael Erdmann

The Modern Eye Catalogue is available for purchase from The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria or online at

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