Le Moulin à Images Projection – Québec City, Québec

While some might argue that it isn’t exactly ‘design’, Robert Lepage’s ‘The Image Mill’, a site-specific motion picture commissioned for Quebec’s 400th anniversary, is most definitely a feat of technical problem-solving and creative planning.

Projected across 81 grain silos (making the ‘screen’ approximately 600 metres wide) The Image Mill takes the viewer through a journey of images and sounds that embody the unique history of Quebec and its people. Lepage uses his knowledge of the medium and a touch of ingenuity to compensate for, and integrate with, the contours of the silos — at times the movie appears to be projected onto a flat surface, while at others Lepage re-imagines the silos as different objects and buildings from the province’s history (piano keys, bullets, a printing press, a factory). Running every night through August 24th, The Image Mill has to be seen to be believed.

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