Object(ing): The art/design of Tobias Wong – Vancouver, British Columbia




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More celebration than a retrospective, this first solo show of Tobias Wong’s work opened in September, 2012 and runs until February 24, 2013. The CDR’s Todd Falkowsky approached the Museum of Vancouver with the idea to bring Tobi’s work home and celebrate it with family, friends and colleagues in his hometown. The sparsely designed exhibit, supported by a stellar catalogue by Monnet Design, showcases each object clearly and gives patrons room to move around.

Colour coded by category (Post-interesting, Paraconceptual & Performance; Curator; Collaborator), the show followed a path through Wong’s career from very early days to his last work and highlighted each of these loose categories of his work. Each piece is accompanied by a short explanation, story, or thought written by close friends, collaborators and curators including Paul Griff, Tim Dubistky, Amelia Bauer, Dean Kaufman, Paola Antonelli, Jenny Holzer and others which provide added depth and context to the work.

Falkowsky’s intention was to let the work speak for itself rather than overlay a curator’s vision or interpretation. The result is a museum experience worthy of the praise it has received (if we do say so ourselves) and we at the CDR were honoured to have played a part in what we hope is just the next step in the journey of Tobi’s work.

For more information about the exhibit, here is a very thoughtful review by Marsha Lederman of the Globe & Mail.

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