Fluid Functions Lille

Working in collaboration with Droog Design and Carrefour Supermarkets of Lille France, Cynthia Hathaway created a series of quirky product designs utilizing only materials found on the supermarket’s shelves. In store displays provided recipes for each design, encouraging shoppers to pick up a few extra things and produce their own version at home. Shown here are Frans Hals Doilies, a fancy paper collar for those who need to look formal but casual at the same time” and the Carrefour Body Hook “for items that you use constantly”.

From her work with Droog, Kessels Kramer and Motherbrand, to her many workshop/performance based exhibitions, Hathaway is a prolific collaborator. To see more of this work and hear from the designer herself, don’t miss her Innovators + Ideas lecture (along with Tobias Wong) at Harboufront Centre, Saturday, January 23 from 1-4pm

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