Aisle 4

The Galleria is the kind of public access zone where commerce hasn’t entirely squeezed out community. For many years, it was mostly ignored except by neighbours who frequented the stores that held on and seniors who just hung out. By failing as a “destination” mall, it instead became something more organic, something local and unique. Flying under the radar is essential to the survival of the kind of ecosystem that isn’t driven by rapacious market forces. And cities are all the better for their existence. Unfortunately, this article, as well as the exhibition that elicited it, as well as the real estate demands that have turned the surrounding housing into prime territory for development, means that it’s all going to change (much in the same way that Liberty Village changed over the last decade). All this occurs to me as I watch Oliver Husain’s stop-motion video journey through the mall on the LCD info panels and listen to the Earlscourt branch of the Royal Canadian Legion practice their bagpipes and wait for my daughter to finish her gymnastics practice. (Did I mention there are two fitness facilities here as well? And an axe-throwing club is moving in?)

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