Give-A-Care Collection

Every October, countless campaigns talk to women about the awareness and detection of breast cancer. But what do you say to someone who has just been diagnosed? That’s the insight behind Toronto-based nonprofit Rethink Breast Cancer’s latest initiative, which recognizes the communication gap between women with breast cancer and the people who care about them. Rather than try to fill that gap with flowers and greeting cards, Rethink Breast Cancer set out to give them the care and understanding they really need.

Enter the Give-A-Care Collection: the first line of products for young women with breast cancer—one that actually understands young women with breast cancer. More than just a care package women can use, Give-A-Care’s products are named in a bold way that helps educate others about what a loved one with breast cancer is going through. The collection includes products such as the “My-Emotions-Are-So-Out-Of-Whack-That-Even-My-Skin-Is-Being-Too Sensitive Hand Cream,” the “All-The-Slow-Jams-And-Silk-Sheets-In-The-World-Couldn’t-Do-It-For-Me-Right-Now-I-Need Lube” and the “I-Know-This-Hospital-Waiting Room-Like-The-Back-Of-My Hand Sanitizer.” Conceived, designed and developed by Montréal-based ad agency lg2, the line consists of 22 unique products ranging from lemon candies that mask the metallic taste chemotherapy can cause to a stylish zip-front hoodie that’s easy to get on and off after surgery.

The Give-A-Care Collection is available excusively at, where 100 percent of the proceeds will go to support Rethink Breast Cancer’s work to educate, empower and advocate for those concerned about and affected by breast cancer.


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