Folklorama Passport ’82

Winnipeg’s own Folklorama – Canada’s Largest Multi-cultural Festival – has seen it’s fair share of incredibly diverse advertising over the past 36 years. With over 400,000 people visiting the Festival every year – many of them return visitors – they see the concepts and style change from year to year. The styles have ranged from trendy, over-the-top, loud advertising… to beautiful, classic, simple design. Which approach is more effective?! I certainly know which I prefer. All I know is this Passport from 1982 is one those gorgeous examples of design that inspires me and makes me swoon. It’s clean, quiet simplicity, attention to type and amazing colour palette oozes that “classic design” feel that stands the test of time so eloquently. I love the dynamic angle of the title, and can’t get enough of that orange blob of colour at the bottom with the logo just perfectly cut into it. They could have easily filled that “white space” with obnoxious star bursts, dates, noise and price points, but that genius designer chose not to… and that takes balls.

-Shannon Persowich

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