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I wasn’t planning on writing anything today until I received a Facebook message at 12:30am from President of CDOT (Communication Designers of Toronto) Errol Saldanha informing the design community that Canadian Design Pioneer, Carl Brett has passed away on March 30, 2009, According to the obituary in the Toronto Star;

“Carol Brett was Born in Cork, Ireland in 1928, he was educated at Crawford School of Art and worked in Ireland before immigrating to Canada with his wife Kay in 1954. Beginning his Canadian career at Vickers and Benson Advertising, he also worked for Howarth and Smith before establishing his own company, Carl Brett Design. An expert on typography, he had a significant influence on graphic design and won numerous awards throughout his lengthy career. He was a founding member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada and served as president on two occasions”.

Currently, organizations like the ADCC and CDOT are trying to record Canada’s Design History so that the work of Carl Brett will never be lost. It is unfortunate that he was too ill to attend the CDOT event a few Fridays ago to be honoured as a Member of the CDOT organization and a Canadian Design Pioneer.

-Greg Cunneyworth


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