Does War = Peace Poster – Edmonton, Alberta

Design: Matt Warburton
Client: Alison Miyauchi
Date: 2005

“For me personally war is many things. It is above all a violent, atrocious horror. But it has shaped and influenced our country and my family alike. For better or worse it has strengthened my love for Canada and my self-image as a Canadian. But since those early days of war, I have to ask “is there a place for war?”. Do we need it to achieve defined rights and freedoms among nations? I have also seen amazing negotiators in my lifetime: Lester B. Pearson and Steven Lewis for example. They have used an artillery of skills that don’t require a trigger.” – Matt Warburton

This poster was created for the exhibition Lest We Forget: Canadian Designers on War, curated by Alison Miyauchi for The Works Art and Design Festival, Edmonton, Alberta. 24 prominent Canadian designers were invited to create work for the exhibition – a PDF of the entire exhibit can be downloaded here.

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