Doc Morton Bicycle Wheel

For many, Greg Curnoe (1936–1992) was “the artist who paints bicycles”. To others, he was an ardent regionalist and, to others still, an iconoclast who successfully bucked the Canadian art establishment.  Born in London, Ontario, Curnoe began his art studies at an early age. Following art classes at high school, Curnoe attended Toronto’s Ontario College of Art. His professors considered him an “original,” but he was not necessarily the best student and did not complete his final year.

And what of the bicycle images so closely associated with Curnoe? An avid cyclist from childhood, Curnoe was a long-time competitive cyclist with a local club. He set a number of club records, and began looking at his bicycles as visually appealing objects.

Serigraph on plexiglas, 70 x 70 cm. National Gallery of Canada

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