Deloitte Montreal Wayfinding

In 2015, Deloitte consolidated their existing offices in Montreal to the newly constructed La Tour Deloitte. La Tour Deloitte is the first privately-owned office tower to be built in Montreal in 20 years. Deloitte’s Montreal staff occupies 153,000 sq. ft. spanning seven floors of the 26-storey tower, in a completely agile work environment that required a new, agile approach to wayfinding.

The goal of the project was to develop a comprehensive and accessible wayfinding strategy for all seven floors occupied by Deloitte. The solution needed to bring in a layer of personality, build a sense of community and complete Deloitte’s vision of an engaging and welcoming work environment while also remaining flexible in order to be adopted by future Deloitte offices in Canada. The target audience for the design included Deloitte’s local Montreal staff, Deloitte’s national and international staff who travel to Montreal and visiting clients.

As a wayfinding strategy, the main element is the three-tier (non-overlapping, unique) numbering system which provides “addresses” for office essentials. Workstations, rooms and offices are not assigned within Deloitte’s new agile office environment, which creates a challenge for directional signage. There are no fixed department locations or permanent destinations, making it tricky to navigate the space and find what you’re looking for. As a solution to this, all of the clues to help connect users from A to B are not permanent.

The first tier of the numbering system allows users to identify the workstations, rooms and offices they reserved. These sets of numbers are coordinated with the electronic booking system. We made sure to keep these numbers short to avoid creating confusion. We also provided uniquely different numbers for the three different types of destinations, to make the system more intuitive. By coordinating extensively with Deloitte’s IT department, this system ensures that the numbering integrates with room-booking functions both physically and operationally.

For design, the super-scaled floor numbers are highly visible both at the atrium and at the elevator bay and act as floor-level landmarks. The sculptural design elements push the boundaries between art and design, integrating with the interior architectural elements. The numerals are made from brake-formed aluminum “folded” to reveal the texture behind the physical cutouts. The dimensional treatment combines with negative space to complete the letterform. These oversized numbers are beacons across the workspace. Bright green sculptural arrows incorporated into directional signage echo the approach of the super-scaled floor numbers. The underlying concept of the wayfinding system is to expose the cultural, textural and unique quality of Deloitte. The sculptural numbers and arrows speak to that concept.

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