Caribou “Andorra” Album Art


Dan Snaith’s “Polaris prize winning” Caribou project, to borrow a line from another Canadian songwriter, has been a zigzagging journey through the past. He was most entrenched in the present moment on his 2001 debut Start Breaking My Heart, but even that record’s soft-focus, post-Aphex Twin electronica seemed pulled from two or three years earlier. By 2003’s Up in Flames he began glancing at psychedelia, but through a distinctly 1990s lens, mixing the cracked sensibility of Boces-era Mercury Rev with the ecstatic come-together crescendos of big beat. Milk of Human Kindness from 2005 was connected closely to its predecessor, but it added the unblinking rhythms and tidy instrumental efficiency of 70s krautrock. And now, with his latest album Andorra, Snaith finally and fully inhabits the 1960s, specifically the branch of sun-kissed pop that was aware of psychedelia but chose not to abandon the pillow-soft pleasures of AM radio, of the Zombies, Free Design, the Mamas & Papas, and, of course, the Beach Boys.

-Mark Richardson, Pitchfork

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