Boyardee Missing Poster


Here’s a strange one: this poster was seen on a mailbox in downtown Toronto. The message is cryptic, and aside from an image of Chef Boyardee, there’s no hint at who the client is (the copy’s tone and typos seem out of sync with the advertising efforts of a major corporation).

It could be any one of a number of things: an alternate reality game as part of a marketing effort for Chef Boyardee (seems a little high-brow though, doesn’t it?), iconoclastic street art (perhaps a little too polished, and somewhat tame), or part of some campaign we’re unaware of (most likely, but the typos seem odd, unless they’re a clue).

For those who can’t make out the text, the column on the left says “Discriptive facts [sp error theirs] – Accent: Undecided, Height: Undetermined, Nationality: Non-discript [sp error theirs], Weight: Undetermined” the column on the right says “Contact Information – Has style like a sailor. If seen approach with caution. Last seen by the edge of the woods.”

Very strange indeed.

Note: there’s no guarantee this is a Canadian design, but since it was spotted in Toronto, and a google search doesn’t reveal any other occurrences of this poster in other regions of Canada or abroad, we figured we’d put this up on the CDR and find out if anybody knows the story.

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