BC Transit Livery




2835066148_42cfb7632e_oPhotos: R.A. Paterson

Nothing official yet, but it looks like this is the new BC Transit livery. Interestingly, the company began experimenting with new paint schemes on the buses before solidifying the identity itself. The first examples of the new livery design actually used the old red and blue colour scheme and featured only the wordmark portion of the new logo. Rumor has it that the design was developed in-house, not by a graphic/communication department, but in the body shop. The new colour scheme apparently came next, after ‘corporate’ suggested incorporating green to emphasize the environment (of course).

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the new colours – I tend to get sentimental about these things and the old red and blue livery has been around for decades – but they’re growing on me. The paint scheme itself isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it looks pretty sharp on the regular buses. I’d say it’s an improvement. The double-deckers on the other hand are a bit of a train wreck…  I love negative space as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous. I guess no one considered how the design would translate to the larger buses (which make up a good portion of the Victoria fleet).

With advertising the designs fare even worse. You might think that all that white space on the double-deckers would be perfect for advertising, but it only seems to contribute to the unfinished look. On the smaller buses, the ads cover up half of the wordmark. Though some might consider this a good thing (hey, why not hide the new logo all together!), I’m sure this is not what the designers had in mind.

It was great to see the early experiments coming out of the body shop, too bad they stopped so early in the process. At the very least I hope they’ll turn out a few more versions to work out the kinks before rolling this out in the rest of the province.

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