Save Water Basin Graphics

coram sink todd falkowsky

This simple design helps to make people aware of how much water they are using and gives them a context, or relevance, of what that water usage is equal to. If presented in a human and humble way, the truth emerges, softly making a statement about our common values and shared goals…protect the earth and celebrate humanity.

By applying a simple graphic (the form of the basin/toilet/bidet itself is irrelevant, it is only a stage), the user will be gently reminded of the environmental footprint they make. The basin graphics inform us to the amount of water we are using in a direct way and contextual way (both graphics sidestep the measurement or technical information and concentrate on the context instead). The sink graphic reads from top to the bottom – The full sink is the amount of water a third world village will use in a day – Amount of water in a cars radiator – Volume of water in your whole body – World record for longest pee – Enough water for a goldfish to live in – A full glass of water – Enough water to drown in – Equal to the water in your mouth and eyes. Both sets of graphical information mix and tell a narrative. Every time you use the basin you participate in a global change. You have the power in your hands.

-Susan Armstrong

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