Virgin Screw You Recession Site


Virgin Mobile copywriting wunderkind, Jeremy Elder is back at it again, along with his self-described shopping addict colleague, Mandi Ashford and they want you to help them tell the recession to screw off. is the latest in Virgin Mobile’s marketing campaign that first appeared in billboard form at the intersection of Yonge & Dundas in Toronto. The pair is coming up with creative ways to live, budget, eat, shop, be “green”, and more on the cheap during these “tough economic times” by coming up with their own ingenious suggestions or by trolling the web and sharing their finds. It’s a simple and user-friendly blog and they encourage participation via RSS feeds and an active Twitter account.

Yeah, Virgin is taking advantage of a pretty dire situation to try to sell their products, and the pitch may be couched in suggestions of how to save, but hey, why not? We can all use fresh ideas on how to be money smart while still feeding the economy. It is interesting to see how companies are increasingly hopping onto this bandwagon. Lots to be said about this trend for sure, but I for one am happy to see companies using the creatives on their staff to help with the spin and position them to come out on top when all of this blows over.


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