The Ex-Boyfriends Gig Poster Set


Canada has such a rich scene of illustration and print. Perhaps it is the strong historical base of talent in the country, or the way that digital practices have eased the use of illustration, increasing its use and application, or maybe that a new generation, via music and online harvesters like FFFFound, are gaining appreciation for the medium. In the end, this perfect storm of reasons has produced a wave of talent that just keeps producing outstanding examples for us to bring to you via the Canadian Design Resource.

Tim Huesken is a newcomer, although his fat portfolio would suggest otherwise, with a body of work that feels stylistically honest to MAD magazine and Ed Roth. Lighthearted and funny with tones of cultural critique laying beneath the simple cartoony illustrations. This set of gig posters for The Ex-Boyfriends keeps this feeling going, with a “funny ’cause it’s true” tone and layout that gives the band new content, and a graphic lever to reach the public. Sound, and solid work from a real illustration firework.


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