Jump Vespa Web Spot

Vespa is sometimes dismissed as a ‘pseudo bike’ given its scooter status. But rather than run away from its lack of traditional bike credentials Vespa Canada and Dentsu Canada chose to embrace them. After all, the Vespa scooter may not be able to fly gorges or jump parked cars but if you’re looking for an icon of love and beauty, you need look no further than Vespa – the Italian scooter built for love.

-Glen Hunt

Crush opted for the iconic 50’s style animation and surreal setting which fit perfectly with the Walter Mitty imaginary dare devil storyline we were going for. The piece was shot and directed by Crush’s Sean Cochrane. The jump was a digital double, done in CG, and the piece was put together in Inferno at Crush. The biggest challenge was finding the stunt man with the right mix of cool and “Kramer”. The team finally settled on Gaspar, who has since become face of Vespa in Canada. For Crush, this project was a great opportunity as it gave us a chance to complete the entire project from shoot to finish in addition to giving the animators a chance to do some digital double work which we had been eager to do.

– Gary Thomas

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