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Thankfully this campaign is getting the negative opposition it deserves, but sadly the critique has been focused on the cost of the promotion (over $100,000) rather than the appalling design. With freakish cut and past half animal half humans promoting the animal work ethics of the provinces workforce, the amateurish design yanks the graphic design profession down, and reduces clients ability to understand how much value great design can really generate.

The folks responsible for the campaign are claiming it is working but are unclear on how this is being measured, defending it based on the focus group testing and the success of other animal based campaigns like Geiko’s geiko, and the quacking duck of Aflac. They are also suggesting that the attention (like this post) the ads are generating is success…but negative attention should never be considered a good investment.

This is proof that Canadian clients need to get educated on good design, and our responsibility to help Canadian business become design fluent, so that we can avoid embarrasing outputs like this, and raise the design conversation in the country.

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