“Give-a-Care” Rethink Breast Cancer

Watching a loved one go through cancer treatment is painful, emotional and sometimes, quite frankly, awkward. And that’s just for the person on the outside.

As an onlooker, it can be extremely difficult to know how to be there for the person you care about or have any kind of understanding of what they’re going through. That’s why I have a lot of admiration for the innovative thinking behind this project.

Rethink Breast Cancer and Lg2 worked with the organization’s network of women to select useful co-branded products that women going through treatment would appreciate, with irreverent but informative names.

I also appreciated the deliberate lack of pink-washing with this line. Supporting this line isn’t passive – those who buy the products can support a cause but also learn something about a woman’s experience with cancer and can give a gift that’s a little more meaningful than a get-well card.

Cheeky, beautifully-designed, insightful and useful. Just what a gift – and a campaign – should be.

Harmeet Singh, editor, strategydaily

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