BMW 1 Series Ad


While BMW Canada and Vice Magazine may not seem like the most obvious advertising partnership, Cundari and The Media Company (both Toronto-based) have come together to create an intriguing campaign for BMW Canada’s 1 Series, the cool-factor of which is guaranteed to appeal to Vice’s iconoclastic audience. By using special photo-luminescent inks that absorb and then release light (glow-in-the-dark, as it’s usually called) BMW Canada gets a peek-a-boo front cover ad for their 1 Series that the majority of Vice’s readers will never see. However, the few readers that do catch a sighting of the advertisement are likely to become instant word-of-mouth evangelists for the unique advertising technique, and by proxy BMW Canada’s 1 Series Campaign – something many companies strive for, and very few achieve. Well played Cundari, TMC et al, well played.

[via Media in Canada]

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