Air Canada National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Print Ad


Air Canada recently reproduced a Woodland-inspired graphic work in a full-page advertisement honouring the life of Norval Morrisseau. (Back cover of the 2008 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Gala programme booklet.) Stylistically, the work is most similar to those by Woodland artist, Brian Marion, a former first-tier Morrisseau apprentice. Since the work stands alone, without any acknowledgement of its author, it does an injustice to both artists. Perhaps, it’s just an ill-conceived idea executed by some ad-agency designer. At first glance, you might expect it to be a Morrisseau—sadly, you would be mistaken. What’s worse is that, in the end, it may contribute to the overall sense of confusion out there over what constitutes a genuine Morrisseau.

-Kinsman Robinson

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