Pottery Vase
Obesity Poster
Pearson International Airport Environmental Graphics
Coloratura Visual Typography
WWF Canada We Are All Wildlife
Volvo Cyclist Detection
The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada’s Annual Report
Ted Leo Buzzing Amp
L&M Designs ‘Canada North’ Dish
Guinness Packaging
High Heels: The Good and Bad
Gardin Anniversary Bicycle
McDonald’s Happy Moving Day
Croc Remixed
Expedition Parka
Canada Goose Heritage Jackets
Canada Post Formula 1
Nika Coat Hooks
Georges Huel & Associates Logo
Custom 50s CCM Bike
ST-002W Counter Stool
Utensil Crate
Water Bulb
Sucabaruca Memphis Pop Coffee Service
Herb Pot
Roberts Composites Windsurfing Board
Rocky Mountain Tantalus Mountain Bike
Vancouver Wheelmen Logo
PEN Canada Brochure
Earth Day Canada Print Ads
General Mills Olympic Postcard
Argon 18 Mountain Bike
Radio-Canada Typeface
Matte Black Sanora Table
It Came From Canada
Jaguar Canada Ad
Dekerf Road Bike
Glenn Gould: The Goldberg Variations Poster
Kolor Desk Era
Cramerotti Track Bike