Four Fox Saké (1st w/ Embedded LED lighting)
Logo and Packaging for Unibroue
Reflections: The Mirrored Canoe Project
Diamond DA62 Airplane
Vivo Cleaning Products
Half Moons Table Cloth
Ambrosia Accent Table
Sticks and Stones Stool
Carved Bookends
Aero Custom Pro Hockey Gloves
Manitobah Rosa Scribe Mukluks
Lado Solo 1 Guitar
Reigning Champ Sideline Long Jacket
SK Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design
Cut Off (Lynn Beyak) Poster
Céline Dion Collection
Umbra Shift Truss Bottle Opener
Cervelo Hour Record Breaking Bike
Evergreen Canada Logo
Barkley Oars
Muji Canada Tote Bag
Abstraction Composition 1 and 2
Kona Rove Ti Bicycle
Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon T-shirts
Wayne Ngan Pottery Vase
Tsa tsa ke k’e (Iron Foot Place) Mosaic – Edmonton AB
SPEEDO Women’s Team Canada Training Suit
Kona Bicycle Graphics
Watkins Company of Canada Packaging
Trigger Mitts
Demo Hornet 150th anniversary
Twinflower, Sweetheart, and Tip Toe Puppy Tables
Aloha Shirt Tattoo
Books Not Bombs Tote
Balance Box | Umbra Shift
Kelowna Souvenir Postcard
Northwest Coast Pottery Vase
Prince Arthur Ave Condo
Stampeders Outlaw Helmets