“The Great Wayne Gretzky” Doll
CanadianBreed T-Class Guitar
Wolfe ID Identity
6 Axis C-15 Cobot
DG Funk Farm Guitar Amplifier
Foodie Notebooks
Large Stoneware Platter
The Casgrain bag
Banff Chair Lift Postcard
Marked Plate/Charger
Halloween Icons
Kona Ti Haole Bicycle
Eaton’s Winter Catalogue
Blue Grove Vase
74 chairs, fixation system
Artifact Bags (Giant Tiger)
The Elements Series Wine Packaging
Monnet Design Holiday Card
Arc’teryx Womens Ceres SV Parka
Cultural CunnunDRUM
Blower-G Pump
Villain: Doug Ford
Pedal Belt Pedal Straps
Dendrites – Bonaventure Project Montréal
Toronto Handgun Ban Cartoon
Baby Blocks
DIY Tandem Bike
Wildwood and Hills & Mountains Quilt Sets
Glass Bottle House and Church – Treherne MB
Custom OVO ‘North Side Edition’ Monopoly Board Game
Wind Song Silkscreen Ed/100
Steam Whistle Brewing Packaging and Identity
The Penis (Doug Ford) Political Cartoon
Loon Lake
sKan – Handheld Skin Cancer Detector
City Benches
The Scream Skateboard Series