Evergreen Cities has formed a research collaborative focused on mid-sized cities to target resources and build evidence through a multiyear and interdisciplinary program, believing that there’s currently an opportunity for mid-size cities to become leaders of sustainable and inclusive city-building initiatives across the country, but that there is currently a gap in research needed to drive decisions at municipal, provincial and federal levels, in order to move these initiatives forward.

On May 12, the Mid-Size Cities Research Collaborative released its first collection of reports on Leveraging Ontario’s Urban Potential. We’ll be publishing excerpts of a number of reports from this collection on the CDR in the coming weeks, but given recent political decisions south of our border, the importance of considering and planning for climate change seems a particularly timely topic. A report by Stephen Hill and Margo Perun of Trent University’s School of Environment examines the need for climate-change planning in Ontario’s mid-size cities, along with the challenges preventing effective and comprehensive action in doing so.

Climate change mitigation – the work of reducing greenhouse gas emissions – requires an ambitiously rapid transition to a low-carbon future. The Paris Agreement target of limiting average warming to below 2°C implies that global greenhouse gas emissions peak in the decade ahead then drop significantly below current levels by 2050, continuing until emissions reach net zero. Delaying action either increases the risk of climate change or increases the future costs of making the necessary reductions.

The Canadian government has set a national reduction target for greenhouse gases of 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 while the Ontario government has set targets of 37 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050. These reductions require a fundamental change in how we produce and consume energy. Even with far-reaching greenhouse gas reductions, our climate will still change. In Ontario, average temperatures are projected to increase 3.3 to 4.9°C by 2050, with greater warming in the winter and in the northern parts of the province (McDermid, Fera, & Hogg, 2015). In short, Toronto’s climate will seem more like that of Washington, DC in only the next few decades and extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, and ice storms will become more common.

Local governments have a central role in climate action (Newman, 2004). The Federation of Canadian Municipalities estimates that local municipalities have some control over roughly half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissionsmid-size (Robinson & Gore, 2005). Local government is also closest to citizens, which is central to understanding the social realities of climate protective actions. As well, smaller, mid-sized communities may, in theory, be able to undertake experiments in terms of  climate governance, policy and action on a local scale that aren’t possible at a national or regional level (Mans, 2012). Much can be learned from paying attention to innovative local policies and actions.

Integrated climate planning and policy needs to focus on how to mitigate and prepare for climate change. It connects land use, ecosystem, watershed, and spatial planning with energy systems and infrastructure. It brings public awareness and engagement to the fore, it reaches across sectors and agencies, and it connects local activity with higher levels of government. A comprehensive local plan to address climate change should have elements such as:

  • a regularly updated inventory of local greenhouse gas emissions,
  • an understanding of local of energy demand and supply,
  • a local action plan to reduce greenhouse gases,
  • an assessment of the local vulnerabilities to climate change, and
  • a plan to reduce local vulnerability to climate change (Mans, 2012).

The elements of this planning framework align well with the rational-comprehensive model of policy making, where options are assessed, implemented and reviewed. Groups such as ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability have a lot of experience helping local governments undertake this work (Betsill & Bulkeley, 2007). But there is a need to also appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of local actions and the social learning created through these experiments (Broto & Bulkeley, 2013)


Much of the sustainability and climate planning in Canada has been shaped by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program, which was developed in 1994 in conjunction with ICLEI Canada (Gore, 2010; Krause, 2012). The FCM has for many years administered the Green Municipal Fund, a $550 million federal endowment that offers funding and knowledge to support sustainable community planning and climate change action. The PCP program asks communities to complete five sequential milestones:

  1. Create a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast;
  2. 2. Set an emissions reduction target;
  3. 3. Develop a local action plan;
  4. 4. Implement the local action plan or a set of activities; and
  5. 5. Monitor progress and report results.


Those who have been able to achieve milestone one to three, have typically done so with outside funding from the FCM Green Municipal Fund. There has been no similar funding agency to support local climate planning across Ontario.


The weakness of merit and grant-based funding of climate action is that it is a zero-sum game; if Sudbury and Peterborough receive a grant, Kingston and London do not. Since its inception, the FCM states that roughly two-thirds of Green Municipal Fund applications have been approved for funding, leaving the other third of applicants to either abandon their plans or search for alternate sources of outside funding.

There is a stick approach as well. The Chretien Liberal federal government sought to make an integrated sustainability plan a prerequisite for other types of federal funding such as the gas tax which cajoled some actions but was eventually dropped by the Harper Conservative government as a requirement (Robinson & Gore, 2005). The main barrier is that dedicated climate-related funding and own-source revenue streams don’t yet exist for the municipal level, but there are possibilities worth considering.

The Ontario cap-and-trade program presents one possible dedicated source of carbon and climaterelated revenue that could fund local government action on climate. But these funds are, at this point, mostly allocated to provincially directed programs and activities through the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan. Mid-sized cities can apply for program money from the Green Fund in the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan but will have to follow provincial directives in spending these funds. Local control and autonomy is limited.

Municipalities could develop a variety of dedicated user fees to pay for climate-related planning. For example, some Ontario municipalities have begun to adopt user-pay financing of stormwater management – a type of climate adaptation – so that a dedicated funding stream exists outside of the general municipal tax base (Cameron, Cincar, Trudeau, Marsalek, & Schaefer, 1999). But user fees remain politically challenging to implement and may not be an appropriate way to raise the funds to pay for local climate action.


Policy implication #1: The provincial government needs to directly fund climate planning and actions in midsized cities and/or review models of taxation to ensure mid-sized cities have sufficient own-source revenue to undertake climate planning actions.


Effective governance also requires political leadership. Climate and energy policy is normally centralized at provincial and federal levels of government (Mans, 2012) so municipal leaders may not face the same political pressure to deal with these files; they can defer to the provincial or federal government. Yet every level of government needs to be engaged. In addition, actions that reduce greenhouse gases (i.e., mitigation) can seem much less locally relevant when compared with actions to reduce local vulnerability to climate change (i.e., adaptation) (Hjerpe, Storbjörk, & Alberth, 2015). Mitigation measures need to be part of a set of collective actions whereas adaptation is rooted in local needs and place-based realities (Groulx, Lewis, Lemieux, & Dawson, 2014). The consequence is that local actions on climate change may focus more on adaptation than mitigation.

The driving force for climate action in mid-sized cities is often political leadership or a few key champions in the community (Mans, 2012). But political leadership on climate is not present in every local government (Lee & Koski, 2012). Some recent political barriers to climate mitigation were created by the governance arrangements of the 2009 Green Energy & Economy Act (Shaw et al., 2015). The act, crafted by provincial politicians, was successful in deploying a great deal of renewable electricity but left political and social divisions in its wake across many parts of Ontario (Fast et al., 2016; Hill & Knott, 2010; Stokes, 2013). Energy planning and deployment was centralized at a provincial level, leaving local municipalities with no meaningful authority over how energy infrastructure intersected with land use planning (Hill & Knott, 2010).

The deployment of renewable energy became and remains a contentious political issue in many Ontario communities outside of the Greater Toronto Area (Stokes, 2013). The consequence is that the province and local municipal councils have found very little common ground in policies that will transition us to a low-carbon energy system. It is our view that there is inadequate communication and sharing of information between provincial and municipal levels of government around climate planning. A personal anecdote is illustrative. As active members of the Greater Peterborough Area’s climate change action planning process (Sustainable Peterborough, 2017), we were surprised that no one from the province contacted those involved in the Peterborough plan to seek any input into the development of the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan. One hopes that a regional climate plan, developed over two years and involving hundreds of people and politicians, might have some useful insight into the local realities of climate planning and action.

Policy implication #2: Mid-sized cities should meaningfully involve local NGOs and institutions (particularly anchor institutions) in the ongoing development and implementation of their local climate plan. As well, the provincial government needs to create a process for their departments and agencies to work regularly with mid-sized cities and regions on climate change planning.

Download and read the full report with references here.

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American Motors Accessories Catalogue
America’s collapse
“America’s Toque” Trucker Hat
Camaro 22 Combo Guitar Amp
Montréal Olympics Amik (mascot/logo)
Amik Official Mascot + Packaging
Repurposed Amik Quilt
Amola Salt Packaging
Amphitheater – Trois-Rivières QC
Amphithéâtre Cogeco – Trois-Rivières, QC
Amplify I Heart TO Fringe Shirt
Amy Turner Landscape Logo
‘An empty belly is the best cook’
An Imaginery Museum
An Indian Tepee Souvenir Postcard
An Ode to the Mid-Century Toronto Apartment
ANAIS Ankle Boots
Analog Blog
Anatomy of a Newfoundland and Labrador Artist T-Shirts
Ancestor Lounge Chair
Anchor Cap Packaging
Anchor Socks
And Still Counting (No. 22)
Anderson Craft Ales
Andre Dube Carved Lamp
André Morin Interview
Andre Morin IPL Large Plate
Andrew Coimbra 507 T-Shirt
Andrew King: Carving Out A Place In Graphic Arts History
Andrew Murray Roofing Business Card
Andrew Pommier Kitsch Skateboards
Andrew Scheer Political Cartoon
Andromak Poster
Andy Bicycle Tool
Andy Light and Miranda Table
Anemones Tea Cups
AnestasiA Vodka Packaging
Angel Ornaments and Tree Topper
Angel Painting
Angelo Di Petta Geometry Dish
Angels Supervog Shoes
Angiola Shoe
Angling Regulations Book Cover
Animal Collective Album Art
Animal Ear Frames
Animal Faces
Animal Prints
Animalitos CBD Dog Cookies
Animation Enbridge spills it out Spoof Ad
Animaze Textile and Wallpaper
Royer Ankle Boots
Ann-Margret for Canada Dry
Ann Mortimer Tea Pot
Anne Murray Annie Album Art
Anne Murray Snowbird Album Art
Anne Murry Danny’s Boy Album Art
Anne of Green Gables 8¢
Annett & Co. Logo
Anniversary of the coldest Temperature Ever Doodle
’03 National Film Board Annual Report
Annual report for Nordsjøen
Anointment Natural Skin Care Packaging
Anonum Recycled iPhone Case
Another Yard Sale Poster
Aerial Light
Anthropomorphiks Cover
Anti-Bullying Flashmob
Anti Graffiti Post Box
Anti Social Skate Shop Logo
Antipersonnel Knitted Series
Antler Armchair
Antler Chair
Antler Coat Racks (Edition 12)
Antler Cribbage Board
Antler Hat (Bark pattern with red ‘antler’ brim)
Antler Mugs
Antler Necklaces
Antler Rings (Moose and White Tail Deer)
Sterling Antler Rings
Antler Snow Knife
Anton Stankowski Exhibition Poster
Anvil Metal on Metal Album Art
‘Apart’ Photography Series
Apollo Grand Prix Snowmachines
BMP Apollo Vases
“Apologies to the Queen Mary” Album Art
Apothecary Five O’clock Shadow
Appalachian Dining Chair
Apparel Logo
Appia Nomadic Spa Packaging
Apple Tunic
Applied Arts April
Applied Arts August 2013 Cover
April Interactive Listings
April Wine Forever For Now Album Art
Hunt & Gather Apron Bag
Aqua 1
VAUDE Aqua Luminium Bicycle Saddle Bag
AQUA2 Underwater Robot
Aquabionic M12 Frameless Diving Mask
Aquabionic Warp1 Diving Fin
Aquatic Champion Patch
Aquila Pista Racing Bicycle
Aquila Titane Bicycle
Arabesque Tables
Arbonne Beauty Products for Millennials
Arbor Table
Arborist Mountie Sweater
Arc’teryx Veilance Trench
Arc Earrings
Arc Jewelry ECG Knuckle Ring
Arc Jewelry Straightedge Duster Ring
Arcade Fire Logo
Funeral Album Art
Arcade Fire Logo T-Shirt
Arcade Fire Neigbourhood T-Shirt
Arcade Fire Neon Bible Album Art
Arcade Fire Polaris Music Prize Poster
Arcade Fire – Reflektor Arcade Fire – Reflektor
Arcade Fire The Suburbs Album Art
Arcade Fire The Suburbs Video
Arcade Fire The Wilderness Downtown
Archbishop Prendergast Coat of Arms
Archer Jacket
Archilume P9 Lighting
Architect Maurice Martel Identity
“Architects are learning lessons from the start-up culture of the tech industry”
“Architects of Modern Thought” Book Cover
Architectural Surface
Architecture helped me heal. So I helped create a new guide to fight loneliness
Architecture Lecture Series Poster
Architecture’s Climate Crisis
Architurama Identity
Archives Canada Logo
Arc’teryx Beams 35th anniversary Ciezio 18 Pack
Arc’teryx Footwear Collection
Arc’teryx Incendo Running Jacket
Arc’teryx Logo
Arc’Teryx Men’s Dually Belay Jacket
Arc’teryx Norvan VT and Norvan VT GTX Trail Shoes
Arc’teryx Veilance Backpack
Arc’teryx Veilance Bag
Arc’teryx Veilance Blazer
Arc’teryx Veilance Field Jacket
Arc’teryx Veilance Long Coat
Arc’teryx Veilance Manilla Field Jacket
Arc’teryx Veilance Jacket
Arc’teryx Veilance Trench
Arc’teryx Womens Ceres SV Parka
Arctic Adventurer Dog Vest
Arctic Bookends
Arctic Cat c’t’anne’e Ca Gratte Brochure
Arctic-inspired Furniture Collection
Arctic Magazine
Arctic Owl Blanket
Arctic Ravens Blanket
Nordair Arctic Silhouettes Upholstery
Are Robots Competing for Your Job?
Are you a designer, or just a facilitator?
‘Are you breaking the law?’ Poster
Are you Post Normal?
Areaworks LTD Trash Bin
Argile Vivante Carafe
Argon 18 E-119 Tri Bicycle
Argon 18 E116 Racing Bicycle
Argon 18 Electron Track Bicycle
Argon 18 Mountain Bike
Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro Gran Fondo Racer
Argon 18 Smart Bike
Argon United Cycling Lab & Store
Argon18 E-119 Tri Bicycle
Kari, Ari, Arim, and Rim Candelabra and Budvase Collection
Ariel Earrings
Aritzia Logo
Arizer ArGo Vapourizer
Arkel Cycling Backpack
Arkel Randonneur Rack
ARKTOS Vehicle
Arm Chair AC-03 with Ottoman
Armed Trinity III Necklace
Armorial Bearings of the District of Sooke
Arms of the Canadian Heraldic Authority
“Around the World” Canada Dry Print Ad
Arp Barstool
Arrow Brand Cedar Shingles Label
Robert Mearns Art and Sole Shoes
Art Canada Institute – Institut de l’art Canadien Identity
Art Canada Series – Jack Bush 54¢
Art Deco Collection Earrings
Beauceware #484 Plant Form Vase
Art & Design Montreal Magazine
Art Gallery of Alberta – Edmonton, Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta Logo
Art Gallery of Ontario Logo
‘Art In Design’
Art Metropole Sign
Art Mosh Poster
Art Motif Laminates
Art With Heart
Art Wood Logo
Art-wrapped GO Train
Artbox Series One Lamp
Arte de Muebles Cabinets
Articulated Vessel
Artifact Bags (Giant Tiger)
Artist and Car
Artistes Du Quebec
Artists’ Health Centre Postcards
Arts and Culture Stamp Set
Arts Canada Magazine ‘To Celebrate Drawing’
Arts & Crafts 2009 NXNE Showcase Poster
Arts of the Eskimo Book Design
Arts of the Eskimo: Prints
Artspeak 25 Years
Aruliden Paddle Case
Arvon Classic Bicycle
Carole Epp As Nature Intended
As the Crow Flies Mobile
As the Roots Grow Book Cover
Asafen Tablet Tin
Ascension Album Art
ASCII Nouveau Mirror
ASH.A356.0 Tables
Ash Stoneware Jug
Ashley Madison Streetcar Ad
Roses Ashtray
Expo67 Souvenir Ashtray
Ineke Ashtray
Asleep at the Switch
Assassin’s Creed II Video Game
Assembly Identity
Portable Intelligent Assistive Lighting Unit
Assoc. des Directeurs Generaux des Quebec Idenitity
Association Canadienne de Crosse / Canadian Lacrosse Association Logo
Association St. Jean Baptiste Souvenir
Aster Bowls
Astral Bus Shelter Hacks
Astrid Sofa
ASUS Laptop Eee PC
Asymmetrical Candle Holders
Asymmetrical Cutting Boards
“At Mount Zoomer” Album Art
At The Crease
Atelier Bernard Chaudron Oil lamp
Atelier Folklore Logo
Atelier Orange Egg Cups
Atelier Phare / Identité
Atelier Trema Ceramic Water Pitcher
Athabaskan Lyric Box
Atlantic Jazz Festival Poster
Atlantic Salmon Tattoo
Atlas Tire “What do they have in common” Ad
Atmospheric Bowl
Atmospheric Disturbances Book Cover
Atomic Energy Canada/Fusion Canada Logo
Atomic Energy 5¢
Attawapiskat First Nation Education Authority Logo
Attitude Cleaning Products Packaging
Atwood Blend Coffee
Atwood Sofa
Au Coeur de l’Arctique/Heart of the Arctic Website
Audi Canada Pylon Cups
Audi Convertible Shelter
Audi Mini Test-Drive
Audio Bee Booths
Audio Visuel Dynamique/Audio Visual Dynamics Logo
Augmented Reality Taxali Money Dress
AUM Handled Tote
AUM Duffel Bag
Red Flag Design AUM_Recycled Canvas Pillow
Aunt Susan’s Tomatoes Label
Aura Coffee Table
Aura Sofa
Austra Polaris Music Prize Poster
Australia New Zealand Poster
Australian Team Electron Pro Track Bike
Auto Light
Auto Ski Spitfire Brochure
Bricklin Automobile and Brochure
Automotive Stadium – Montreal QC
Autonomy in Subnational Income Taxes Cover
Avalanche of Joy
Avanaa Chocolate Packaging
Avenue Road Showroom – Toronto, Ontario
Averice Ring
Aviator Lounge Chair
AviTECH Shovel
Avoid Freud Album Art
Avro Arrow Patch
Avro Arrow Interceptor Aircraft
Avro Arrow Logo
Avro Arrow Model Airplane
Avro Arrow Toy Plane
AW Tote Bag
Awakenings Bark Biting
Awards for Nothing
Awards for Nothing
Awards for Residential Design Annual
Awesome Nova Scotia Map
Axe Pin
Axe Sheath
Total Control Axe
Axiom QR Urban Rear Grocery Basket
Axis Lamp
Axis Lamp
Ayers Plaid Wool Blanket
Aylmer Frozen Strawberries Packaging
Aylmer Frozen Vegetables Packaging
Aylmer Peaches Ad
Ayotte Classic Drum Kit
Ayotte Custom Drums Logo
Azure August Issue
Azzkikr Custom Bagger Motorcycle
B-7 Solar Car
B.C. Ferries’ Salish-class Vessels
B/A 20,000 Homes Ad
BA Everywhere in Canada Ad
BA Insect Repellent
Jack Westley Milage Gauge
BA Road Map of Manitoba & Saskatchewan
BA Trans-Canada Map
BA Welcome to Canada Ad
Babiche Tape
Babiche Tray
Nlaka’pamux Baby Basket
Baby Bite Stool
Baby Blocks
Baby Carrier
Baby Dyke Illustration
Baby Pablum
Baby ‘Solair’ Chair
Babylon Light
Bacchus & Barley iPad Sleeve
Bacchus Motorcycle Vest
Bacello Chairs
Back Home Giclee Print
Back To Front
Backcountry Hut
Takedown Backpackers Saw
Bactrim Roche Report
Bad Beaver Vase
Protected Against Bad Kerning Sunglasses
Bad Rod Motorcycle
Badge of the Parliament of Canada
Baffin Rubber Mules
Baffinland Inuit Seal Skin Boots
Bags of Milk
Bags without borders
Baie-Comeau Logo
Bakersfield Tele Guitar
Bako Bamboo Shelving
Balance Box | Umbra Shift
Balance Glassworks Stacking Glasses
Balance Glassworks Water Glasses
Ball BQ (Version 2)
Ball BQ
Ball Necklace
Ballard Power Logo
Ballet BC Identity
Ballet Table
Balloon Caught Installation – Vancouver, British Columbia
Balloon Dresses
Balloon Installation
U+ Balloona Stool
‘Balloons’ Series
Ballpoint Pen Repeat Wallpaper
Baltic Winds Quilt
balyunONE Rolling Pin
Balzac’s Roasters Coffee
Bamboo Bicycle
Bamboo Cabinet
Bamboo Wood Sunglasses
Bambulance 2
Ban Bench
Banal Sweaters
Banana Guard and Froot Guards/Cases
Band Necklace
Bob Masse Classic Band Posters
Bombin’ Haters T-Shirt
Bandit 1$M More Fame More Hate T-Shirt
Banff, Alberta Souvenir Decal
Banff Centre Logo
Banff Chair Lift Postcard
Banff Chair Lift Postcard
Banff International Research Station Logo
Banff & Lake Louise Postcard Set
Banff National Park Postcard Set
Banff Postcard
Banff School of Fine Arts Calendar
Banff Springs Hotel Luggage Tag
“Banff Springs Hotel Welcomes You Again” Ad
Wildlife Overpass – Banff, Alberta
Bangers and Mash Briefs
“Banjo Magic” Album Art
Scotia Bank Credit Cards
Bank of Montreal Logo
Bank of Montreal Symbol
Bank of Nova Scotia Account Book
Banknote Art #1 – Hermes and Sailing Ships Allegory – $5 Coin
Banknote of the Year 2015
Banksy in Toronto Illustration
Banned Koodo Transit Ad
Banned PETA Ad
Banner Stoves Catalogue No.9
Banque Royale Poster
Bantam Deck Chair
Bao Toaster
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
Bar Cart
Bar Cart
Bar Cart
Bar Isabel Brand Identity
Barbara Hall Illustration
Barbara Kingsolver Book Covers & Posters
Barbie Bus Shelter
Bare Sofa
Barerock Cabin – Haliburton, Ontario
“Bargainville” Album Art
Barge Pista SC Bicycle
Baribo Maid Maple Rolling Pin
Baribo Maid Roller
Baribocraft 9″ Nut Bowl
Baribocraft Ice Bucket
Baribocraft Oval Carving Board
Baribocraft Salt and Pepper Set
Baribocraft Wooden Bowl
Bark Basket
Bark Vases
Bark Water Vessel
Barkley Oars
Barns with White Wall
Baron Ltd Edition Expresso Cup
Baroness Von Sketch Show
Barren Ground Caribou Fabric Installation
Sambat Baseball Bat
Anti-tory Baseball Hat
Basement Review Poster
Basement Sue Shoes
Basik Table
Save Water Basin Graphics
Odds and Ends Basket
Basket Vase
Basoli Side Table
Bassel Bag Prototype
Bassi Roma Crome Track bike
Bassi ROMA-TOKYO Bicycle
Bastien Bros. Snowshoeing Mukluks
Bata International Centre – Toronto, Ontario
Bata Shoe Museum – Toronto, Ontario
Bata Site
Bath Towels
Bather Yellow Floral Surf Trunk
U+ Crinkle Bath Collection
Battle of Los Angeles
Battle of the Blades Trophy
Battle of the Nudes Album Art
Bauer Bruins Professional Skates
Bauer Golf Shoes
BAUER M83 Ice Skates
Bauer Skates Box
Baumhaus Collection Curved Chair
Bay Adelaide Centre – Toronto, Ontario
Bay Bloor Radio Logo
Bayview Glen Annual report
“From Here Right Now” Subway Station – Toronto, Ontario
BB Confetti Sweaters
B&B Italia Aura and Halo Candle Holders
BC 150 Logo
BC 1924 License Plate
BC 1959 License Plate
BC 1960 License Plate
BC 1961 License Plate
BC 1962 License Plate
BC 1963 License Plate
BC Bud
BC Budget Visualizations
BC Centennial License Plate
BC Centennial Logo
BC Centennial Posters
BC Comfort Air Conditioning
BC Ferries Logo
BC God Bud
BC Hydro Logo
BC Hydro Power Box
BC Liquor Store Gift Cards
BC Map Cover
BC Passive House Factory – Pemberton, BC
BC Place – Vancouver, British Columbia
BC Place Logo
BC Rhodonite Souvenir
BC Stamp Works BlotterBC Stamp Works Blotter
BC Transit Livery
BC Transit Logo Redesign
BD Shred Typeface
Be A Man Street Campaign (Part 1)
Be Nice To Plants
‘Be Olympic’ brand platform
Beaconsfield Concrete
Beaded Bracelet
Beaded Flower
Beaded Hat
Beaded Jacket
Beaded Moccasin
Beaded Moccasins
Beaded Octopus Bag
Flower Beaded Vest
Beads Hanging Lamp
Bean Bag Chair
Bear 71 Web Documentary
Bear Claw Salad & Pasta Hands
Bear Hunt Langara Station – Vancouver, British Columbia
Bear Mother Illustration
Hid-A-Bag Bear Proof Trash Container
Bear Qee
Bear Springs Sign
Beard Bags
Beardsell Harp Guitar
Beasts from Bricks
Beat It Rug
Beater Bike
Beatitudes Book Cover
Beatle Poster
Beau (heart) Anna Poster
Beauce #1571 Vase
Beauceware #313 Vase
Beauceware #1139 Frog Vase
Beauceware #348 Charger Plate
Beauceware #5010 Chimo Vase
Beauce Clay Cooker
Beauceware Fish Ashtray
Gaylord Shaving Cups
Beauceware #29 Holy Water Vessel
Beauceware Marlin Vase
Beauceware Tea Pot
Beauceware Tree Branch Lamp
Beauceware #485 Flower Vase
Beauceware #1 Vase
Beauceware 105-4 Mugs
Beauceware 1979 Vase
Beauceware 223 Wall Pockets
Beauceware #348 Charger
Beauceware Bird
Beauceware #C 309 Skimo Vase
Beauceware C-33 Vessels
Beauceware C-34 C-39 Plate Warmer and Covered Dish
Beauceware C-50B Cooker
Beauceware #C-8 Canisters
Beauceware C-81 Creamer Sugar Bowls
Beauceware C-J7 Two-Tone Coffee Pot
Beauceware Candle Holder
Beauceware Candle Holder Lantern
Beauceware Candle Lantern
Beauceware Canoe Dish
Beauceware Carafe & Goblets
Beauceware Carillon Candle Holders
Beauceware CB 568 Bud Vase
Beauceware Deer
Beauceware Charger Plate
Beauceware Ptarmigan Collection
Beauceware Fan Vase
Beauceware Figural Planter No.195
Beauceware #421 Fish Planters
Beauceware #107 & #108 Jugs
Canadian Potteries Jug
Beauceware Leaf Wallpocket
Beauceware NO. 195 Lady Figural Planter
Beauceware Plant Pots
Beauceware Pottery Mugs
Beauceware Square Candlesticks
Beauceware Table Lamp
Beauceware Tea Cup and Creamer
Beauceware Teapot #127 w/Olive Glaze
Beauceware Cartier Vase
Beauceware Vase #226
Beauceware Wall Cone
Beaufille Angelico Pant
Beaufille Orbital Bracelet
Beau’s Beer
Beaus + Polaris Music Prize Beer
Beaute Sante Vol. 12 – No. 6
“Beautiful” British Columbia Magazine Ad
Beautiful Lake Louise Decal
Beautiful New Brunswick Postcard
Beauty Dose Packaging
Beauceware #465 Squirrel Ashtray
Beaver Brand Clams
Beaver Cigarette Lighter
Beaver Cuts Down Science World Outdoor Ads
Beaver Dam
Beaver Design Cigarette Lighter
Beaver Figurine
Beaver Gas Logo
Beaver Brand Lobster Label
Beaver Lumber Logo
Beaver Lumber TV Commercial
Beaver Parka
Beaver Restaurant Place Mat
Beaver Stool
Beaver Tail Innu Snowshoes
Beavertail Pastry
Beaver Underwear
Beaver Wax Ski /Snowboard Wax
Beavers N.B. Souvenir Year Book
Beavers of Canada Patch
Beavertail Rocker (Stainless steel – Version 2)
Becker’s Bungalows Letterhead
Becker’s Logo
Becki Bitternose Interview
Becky Brisco Logo
Bedroom Set
Beam Bedside Table
Bee Highrise – Vancouver, British Columbia
Bee Hive Corn Syrup Print Ad
Beech Ball and Zig
Beef Cake Poster
Beehive Corn Syrup Packaging
Beekay Road Bike
Been a Slice Beer
Beer Buddies Brooch
Beer Can Iceberg
Beer Cans for Canada’s Provinces & Territories
Labatt’s 50 Beer Label
Beer Packaging Inspired Cakes
Bel Canto – A Homage to Maria Callas Necklace
Belairdirect Android App
Believe in® Canada/UK Business Cards
Belisle #280 Super X Body Grip Trap
Bell Canada Eye Dressing Kit
Bell Canada Rebrand
Bell Cell Phone Advertisements
Bella Terra Ceramics Butter Dish
Bellwoods Brewery + Doublenaut Labels
Belmondo Skin Care
Bemis Burlap Bags Ad
Ben Houstie Canada Goose
Ben Tardif Illustrations
Ben Weeks Identity
Bench for a Tree
“Benefit of the Doubt” Installation – Toronto, Ontario
Bennett Buggy’s
Benny Cooperman Mystery Series
Glass Coffee Table
Homework Desk
Bensen Ile Poufs
Bensen X Table
Bent Half Moon
Bent Leg Side Table
Bent Wood Lounge Chair
Bento Box
Bento Box Furniture
Benton Brothers Business Card
Benton Clay Logo (concept)
Bergen Round Coffee Table
Bergeron Centre – Toronto ON
BerGold, Inc.
Bernù Ice Seating
Berri Residence – Montréal, Quebec
Myers Residence – Toronto, Ontario
Berthier Beaver Carving
Bertrand 1100 Bicycle
Bertrand 3000 Bicycle
Bertrand Bicycle
Bertrand Custom Bicycle
Bertrand Vélotour Ti Bicycle
Bespoke Luggage
Best Before OCAD Grad Poster
Best Canadian Design of 2011
Best Canadian Design of 2012
Best Canadian Design of 2013
Best Canadian Design of 2014
Best Haircut in the City Sign
Best Made Co. + HBC Axe
Best of 2015
Best of the Year 2016
Best You Bet Postcard
Beta 5 Topographic Chocolate Bar
Better Living Through Windows
“Better Luck” Fishing Lure
Bettie Cott Chair
Bettie Cott Coat Rack
Betty Hair Products (concept)
Between Friends
Beauceware #6637 Oven Dish
Beauceware Vase
Beauceware #271 Vase
Bev Hisey River Rick Carpet
Bev Hisey Triangle Carpets
Bevel Edge Table
Beyond Habitat
Bibliography of the Athapaskan Languages
Bicycle Ambulance
Bicycle Frame Chandelier
Bicycle Handlebar Bags
Bicycle Leather U-Lock Holster
Bicycle Print
Bicycle Seat with Tassels
Bicycle Wine Carrier
Bidiniband ‘Motherland’ Album Art
Biere Boswell Ale Label
Big Apple Fruit Stand – Colborne, Ontario
Big Bang Clock Tower
Big Bill Workshirt
Big Chief Brand Apple Crate Label
Big Chief Brand Apple Crate Label
Big Dipper Spoon
Big Fir Lectern
Big Kids Comic
Big Nickel – Sudbury, Ontario
Big Picture™ Interactive Chart
Big Swallows
BIG Tower – Vancouver, British Columbia
Big Walnut Bowl
Big Walnut Offset Kitchen Tools (Set of 3)
Bigstone Cree Nation Logo
Bike Lock Installation – Vancouver, British Columbia
Bike Month Ambient Campaign
Bike Polo Ball
Bike Portraits Vélos
Bike Seat Sculptures
Biker Stool
Bikes Over Cars Illustration
Biko Telsum Bracelet
Bill Bantey Associates Logo
Bill Bennett Expo 86 Pin
Bill Reid Pendant
Bill Vander Zalm Handmade Signs
Cube House – Toronto, Ontario
Bilodeau Beaver Boots
Bilodeau Seal Skin Booties
Biltmore Hat Box
Biomimicry Replicas
Biomuseo – Panama City
Expo67 Biosphere – Montréal, Québec
Bipolar Pendant Lamp
Birch Bark “Bar.B.Q” dishes
Birch Bark Basket
Birch Bark Pitcher
Birch Bark Rogan
Birch Fabric
Birch Parfait Necklace
Bird Cage
Bird House
Bird House
Bird House
Bird Identifier
‘Bird Track’ Snowshoes
Birdfeeder Outfit
Birdhead Illustration
Birdhouse and Food
Birdi Clothesline
Birds Nest Project Poncho
Birds of Canada Stamps
Birds of Change
Birds of North America Thornbird Dress
Birds Wallpaper
Birdseed Logo (concept)
Birks Blue Box Packaging
Birks Catalogue
Birks Pearl Starburst Brooch/Pendant
Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA Beer
Birth of Venus
Birthday Card
Biscot Ideal Shortening Package
Biscuit Water Jar
Bisley Bullet Package
Bison Transport Logo
Bison Transport Logo (Old)
BITE Beauty Packaging
Bite Magazine Covers
Bite Me Chair
Bitossi Kiva Collection Animals
Bitossi Vases
Bixi Bike System
Black and Pink Ceramic Bowls
Black and White Bowls
Black Bear Jaw Knife with Moose Antler Sheath
Black Beauty Tonearm
Black Cat Café Poster
Black Ceramic and Diamond Ring
Black Cherry Wine Label
Black Diamond Ring
Black Hole Installation
Black Kilted Mock Shoes
Black Magic Chocolate Boxes
Black Marker Poster
Black Mirrors
Black Mountain Album Art
“In the Future” Album Art
Black Mountain IV Album Art
Black Series of Vases
Black Towers Album Art
Black Visual Archive Brand Identity
Black Visual Archive Brand Identity
Black Walnut Pallet Table
Black, White & Red All Over
Black Whole Conference 74 chaises
BlackBerry 6210 Mobile
BlackBerry 10 Mobile
Blackberry 5790 Mobile
Blackberry 5810 Mobile
BlackBerry Limited Edition Gold Passport Smartphone
Blackberry Logo
BlackBerry Motion Smartphone
Blackberry Passport
BlackBerry People’s Choice Award, TIFF 2012
BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite
Blackberry Priv Smartphone
Blackberry Q10
Blackberry Torch “Love What You Do”
Blackberry Z3 Smartphone
Blackberry/Porsche Design Gold P9981
Blackbird Screen
Blackfeet Nation Pikuni Logo
Blackhawks Logo
BlackSpire Bicycle Chainrings
Bladeworks Fencing Poster
“Hello Goodbye” Air Canada Ad Spot
Blanco Kitchen Sink
Blanket Chair
Blanket Jacket
Trade Blankets / Fancy Dance Garments
Blatter & Blatter English Pipe
Blend Wardrobe
Blenz Canada Day Site
Blim Business Cards
Blinding love Pendant Lamp
Blitz Poster
Blobulus Chair
Bloc 10 – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bloc Québécois Logo
Block Collection Quilt
Block House – Kingston ON
New Block Parent Window Sign
Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane
Blocks Series
blogTO Logo
Blonde Knots Illustration
Blondo Quatchi Winter Boots
Blood/Cree Moccasins
Blood On Your Hands Protest
Blood Pen
Bloody Caesar Cocktail
Bloom Coffee Table
Bloom Coffee/side Table/stool
Bloop Desk Pen
Bloor Street | Banner Project
Blossom Table
Blower-G Pump
Blue Boy and the Colonel Vase
Blue Cold Oysters Packaging
Blue Dresser
Blue Felt and Stitched Moccasins
Blue Goose Pure Food Packaging and IdentityBlue Goose Pure Food Packaging
Blue-Grey Jug
Blue Grove Vase
Magdalen Islands Home – Québec
Blue James Bay Wool Parka
Blue Jay Magazines
Blue Jays Batting Practice Hats
Blue Jays Donut
Blue Jays First Game Ticket
Blue Jays Logo
Blue Jays Women’s Swag
Blue Matte Vessel
BMP Horsehead Bookends (Slate Glaze)
BMP Bunny
BMP Candle Holder w/ Mustard Glaze
Evangeline Candle Holders
BMP Carafe and Goblets (Slate Glaze)
BMP Catalogue
Expo67 BMP Ashtray (Mustard Glaze)
Expo67 BMP Salt & Pepper Shakers
BMP Jug (Candy Strip Glaze)
Laurentian Table Top Lighter
BMP Petun Sugar Bowl
BMP Round Vase
BMP Serving Tray (Flame Glaze)
BMP 6 Cup Teapot (Green Glaze)
BMP Totem Pole Souvenir
Blue Mountain Resort Logo
Blue “Proud Sponsor of the NHL” Poster
Blue Ribbon Tea AD
Blue Striped Cisco Fishing Lure
Blue Tall Ship Earrings
Laurentian Blue Volcano Vase
Lorenzen Blue Vase
Blue Water Fibre Logo
Blue Weed and Untitled Lamps
Blue Wide Bowl
Blueberry Marijuana
Blueberry “Special Order” Guitar
Toronto Abcavs Gangs
Bluenose 1 and 2
Bluenose Motel Souvenir Postcard
BlueVelo Hornet Recumbent Bike
Blundstone #494: The Eh! Boot
BMO Marble Table
BMP “Rabbit” Annual Meeting Souvenir
BMP Centennial Beer Stein
BMP Native Series – Daphne Odjig
BMP Coffee Pot w/ Mustard & Ketchup Glaze
BMP Experiment
BMP Flame Candle Holders
BMP Hand Thrown Vase
BMP Handled Vase w/ Etruscan Glaze
BMP Heifer
BMP Oak Leaf Dish
BMP Spittoon Vase w/ Chartreuse Glaze
BMP Tall Vase (Slate)
BMP Experiment
BMP Wildlife Series Goose in Flight
BMW 1 Series Ad
BMW Banner Ad (World’s Longest)
BMW Canada presents: Helipad
BMW Canada presents: Walls
BMX motocross Bicycle
BMX Supercross Track
BNLMTL 2014 L’avenir
Boa Speed Skates
Boardeli Longboards Logo
Boat Blankets
Boat House
Boats and Canoes Catalogue Page
Bob Dylan & Joni Mitchell Maple Leaf Gardens Gig Poster
Bob Dylan Poster
Bob, Lea & Kim Hooks
Bobble Water Bottle
Bobby Orr Pizza Ad
bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka
Bocci 25 Bench
Bocci 84
16.480 Outdoor Public Artwork
BoConcept B-Spline Lamp
Bogart’s Chophouse & Bar Print Ads
Bogonna Super Snowmobile
Bogus Tokus Band Poster
Bohten Exstel Matte Sunglasses
Boiled Linseed Oil Tin
Boink For Good Posters
Boloum Chaise Lounge
Bolton Residence – Quebec
Bombardier C Series Jet
Bombardier EMBRIO
Bombardier Logo
Bombardier NV
Bombardier Racing Sled
Bombardier Safari Brochure
Bombardier Sea-Doo GTI 215
Bombers Roughriders Program
Bon Table
Bone Collection
Bonheur d’occasion Mural
Bonhomme Carnival Matchbook
Beauceware Bonhomme Ashtray
Bonjour Montréal Olympic Pin
Bonlook + Tessa Virtue Marlo Sunglasses
Bonnie and Clyde Nesting Tables
Bonnie & Clyde Lounge
Bontage Shoe Series
Boobs and Dinks: Early Detection Kits
Boogie Doodle
The De Havilland Canada Story Book Cover
Book City Logo
Book Cover Collages
Magnetic Book Ends
Book Shelving
Bookhou Children’s Chair
Silkscreened Pillows
Books Not Bombs Tote
Adhesif Boom Town Blouse
Boomerang Chair & Footrest
Boomerang Paint
Boonie Backpack
Booooooom + Herschel Supply Backpack
Booooooom T-Shirts
Bootwear Carpet
Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool
Boréal Bikes smrtGRiPS
Bore’ale Packaging
Boris Cool Packaging
Boris Ice Tea
Bornin Newborn Rocker
Borrowman Vase
Boston Pizza Logo
Bota Bota Floating Spa – Montreal, Quebec
Botany Co. Eyewear Ryder Sunglasses
Both World Vase
Bothwell Cheese Logo
Bottle #1
Bottle Cap Fishing Lure
Pavillion Bottle Caps
Boucherville Home
Boulevard Seating
Bounce Bike
Bountiful Bird
Bourgeois Brass Knuckles / Bottle Opener
Bovril “Puts BEEF into you” Print Ad
Bowie Old
Beauceware #1407 Pinched Bowl
Bowl Set
Bowl Table Lamp
Box Cutter
“Another Notion Of Possibility” Boxcutter
Montréal Olympics Boxing Gloves
lily + jae Boy Blouse PR532
Buoy Chair
Boy Scouts of Canada NWT Council Annual Report
Boyardee Missing Poster
Bra Illustration
Bradings Porter Beer Label
Bradshaw Music Year in Review
Braid Jewellery
Braids – Native Speaker Album Art
Rosetta MacLain Garden Braille Wayfinding Map
Bramalea Fence logo
Brampton Battalion Uniforms
Branch Chandelier
Branch Rack
Branch Vase
Brand Canada
Paris NY Branding System
Brandon Celi ‘Kraft Dinner’
Wheat Kings Team Logo
Brant Custom Machining Ltd Logo
Brantford City of Industry Book
Brass Knuckles Umbrella
Brass Rail Shelving
Brass Utility Hook
Brass Watering Can
BRASSERIE T! Butter Dishes
Brassneck Brewery Identity
Brave Shores Brave Shores Album Art
Washed Wood Bench & Stool
Bread Tag Table
Break Canada Maclean’s Cover
Break Up Card
Breakfast Series Cereal Boxes
Break~Wave Seating
Breast Fest Splash Page
Breastfeeding. Learning Makes it Natural Ad
CanadianBreed T-Class Guitar
Breeyn McCarney Wedding Dress
Brewster’s Discovery Walkway – Jasper, Alberta
Brewster Transport Decal
Brick Making Process – Ashtray Series
Brick Wall Mural – Regina, Saskatchewan
Bridgepoint Active Healthcare Campus – Toronto, Ontario
Brief Book
Brief Book Website
Brief Business Card
Brien Chair
Brigade Cupset
Bright & Bold Paint Can Label
BrightLight at GO! A Temporary Gallery for Permanant Change – Vancouver, British Columbia
Brights 74 Canadian Port Label
Brights 74 Canadian Sherry Label
Brights Dry Canadian Sherry Label
Brights Hermit Canadian Sherry Label
Brights Loganvale Wine Cocktail Label
Brights Napoleon Canadian Sherry Label
Bright’s Tomato Juice
Bright’s Vermouth Label
Bring the Bare Essentials Ad
Bristle Stool/Table
Brit Wacher Gazaar Shift Dress
Brit Wacher Lace Dress
Brit Wacher Nudist Bikini
Brit Wacher Shape Button Dress
Brit Wacher White Lace Dress
Brite Shine Tin
British Columbia Canada Map
British Columbia Centennial Coin Package
British Columbia Confederation 1871 7¢
British Columbia’s Centennial Celebrations Postcard
Britishers! Bring your famlies to Canada Poster
BRNT Designs Hexagon Bong
BRNT Designs Prism Pipe
Broadway Refrigeration Logo
Brock University Recruitment Badge
Brodbeck Clay Coffee Mug
Brodie Expresso Mountain Bike
Brodie Lightbeam Bicycle
Brodie Ocho Bicycle
Brodie Remo Bike
Brodie Rodie
Brodie Shaft-Drive Cruiser Bicycle
Brodie Sovereign Mountain Bike
Brodie Titanium Romax Bicycle
Broken Coast Canabis
Broken Dreams
Broken Social Scene Gig Poster
Brollte Table Lamp
Bronuts Identity
Broom With Hook
Acton Vale Broomball Shoes
Brown Bear Guitars Stratocaster
Brown Beetle Plaskon KM-51 AM Radio
Brown Excel Goalie Body Armour
Browning Boots
Bruce Mau Design (BMD) Logo
Bruce Mau Design (BMD) Logo
Brunswick Hotel Envelope Label
Brush Study
Brush Study
Brussels Sprouts & Unicorns Book
Brut Folding Step
Laurentian (Rimouski) Brutalist Mid Century Modern Coffee Mugs
Brutalist Ring
Bruxe Roller Bag
Bryony Peony Pouf
Bryston 4b Power Amplifier
Bryston Logo
Bryston SP-3 preamplifier/processor
BSS You Forgot It Album Art
BTO 45 rpm Album Art
BUCK 65 “Situation” Album Art
Buck Skin Flour Sacks
Buckwud Canadian Maple Syrup
Bucky Lamp
Bud Vase
Buddington Bear Rug
Budweiser Goal Light Olympic Blimp
Buffalo Adbusts
Buffalo Apple Crate Label
Buffalo Hunt Habitat Case
Buffalo Lamp
Buffalo Meat Packaging
Catherine Regehr Buffalo Plaid Evening Dress
Buffalo Sculpture
Buffy Sainte-Marie Rose
Buffy Sainte Marie “The Mid-1970’s Recordings” Album Art
Bugatti Type 57 Aerolite Coachwork
Build A Cootie Bug Game
Built Green BC Logo
Building a Cord Cradle Stone Lithograph
House Building Blocks
Building Competitive Cities
Built Green Canada Logo
Bulb Vase w/ Brown Flame
Bulbous Vase
Bulk Barn Identity
Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse Direct Mailer
Bull Nose Ring Parmenter & Bulloch Canada No 1063
Bulldog Steel Wool Packaging
Bullet Bowls
Ballistic Rose
Bulletproof Quilted Duvet
Bullfrog Power Logo
Bullseye Coffee Tables
Bullseye Coffee Tables
Bump All-in-one Charger
Bunaco Speaker
Bungalow Camps in Ontario
Bunny Goalie Mask
Bunny Man Illustration
Bunyan Pro Typeface
Burdock Blood Bitters Poster
Bureau for the Study of Vivid Blue Every-Colour Inhabitations of the Planet, the Transformation of Reality, and a Multitude of Happy Endings Stools
Bureau of Doing Something About It Logo
Bureau Table
Buried Inside Final Show Poster
Burn, The Perfect Domestic Fuel Business Card
Burnett Parka Mil. Green
Burrard Bridge Floor – Vancouver, British Columbia
Burrard Street Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia
Burrowing Owl Wine
Burt Bacharach Portrait
Canada Systems Group Logo
Bell Canada Logo
French Language Schools Brochure Cover
Clairtone Identity
Copps Coliseum Logo
E. Halpern Agency
Expo67 Wayfinding – Montréal, Québec
Burton Kramer Film (trailer)
GDC Poster
Geigy Identity
Burton Kramer Identities Book
Burton Kramer Interview
Norval Morrisseau Book
OECA Identity
ROM Identity
Teknion Logo
Burton + Manitobah Mukluks Memento Snowboard Boot
Bus Lane Warnings – Vancouver, British Columbia
Bus Ride Sheet Music
Bus Signage (QC)
Bus Stop
Bush House
Bushmen and Sawmill Hands Wanted Sign
Bushmills Whiskey Decanter
Tobias Wong Business Card
Business Development Bank of Canada Logo
Business Directory of Calgary
Buster Keaton – The Railrodder
Butchart Gardens Postcard Folder
Butcher Manila Decal
Butcher Shop Posters
Buttcon Logo
Butter Dish
Butterfly effect – Stephen Andrews POV
Butterfly Hosiery
Button Top Sofa and Bench
Button Tuft Bench
CAG Button Wall Installation
Unauthorised Burberry Buttons
Buy British Brand Apple Crate Label
Buy Me Canadian Apples Label
BUYRAL – Professional Clicking
BuzzBuzzHome Tear Away Poster
By Any Other Name – Vancouver, British Columbia
C-15 Lounge Chair
C!C!C! Merch
C.N.R. Bridge – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
C.P.R. Lands Ad
C1 Credenza
C100 Growth Summit
C100 Logo
CAA Approved Auto Sign
Cabbage Chair
Cabin Cabane Exhibition Graphics
Roots Cabin Hooded Scarf
Cabin Pyjama Pattern
Cabin Socks
Cabin Souvenir T-Shirts (Concept)
Cabinet Minister Board Game
Cabinet of the (Material & Virtual) World
Cable Knit Toque
Caca Grande
Cache Storage Chest
Cachou Chewing Gum Packaging
Cactus Flower Table Lamp
Cadbury Caramilk Package
Cadet Rousselle
Cadillac Shows the World Ad
Cadmo Lamp
CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern)
CAE Logo
Caesarstone Planters
Cafe Medina Logo
Cahoots Chair
Caitlin Power Geneva Dress
Caitlin Power Minneapolis Skirt
Cake Fashionz I and II
Cal Lane Scultpture
Calen Knauf + Stussy T-Shirt
Calendar: Cape Dorset Eskimo Prints / Calendrier: d’estampes esquimaudes du Cap Dorset
2012 Calendar Tea Towel
Calgary 100 Logo
Calgary 1988 Olympic Cauldron
Calgary 1988 Olympic Medal
Calgary 1988 Skating Star Barbie
Calgary 1988 Souvenir Book
Calgary AB Patch
Calgary Patch
Calgary Beer Bottle
Calgary Beer Coasters
Calgary Beer Logo
Calgary Beer Packaging
Calgary Brewing & Malting Company Logo
Calgary Centennial – Coffee Cup
Calgary Exhibition Handout
Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Luggage Label
Calgary Farmers’ Market Posters
Calgary City Flag
Calgary Flames Fan T-shirt
Calgary Flames Hockey Stick Chair
Calgary Manhole Cover
Calgary Olympics Biathlon $20 Coin
Calgary Olympics Mascot Patch
Calgary Peace Bridge – Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Public Library
Calgary Stampede Ads
Calgary Stampede Dollar
Calgary Stampede Stamp and Envelope
Calgary Stampede Logo
Calgary Stampede Logo
Calgary Stampede Postcard
Calgary Stampede Sheet Music
Calgary Stampede Stamps
Calgary Stampede Souvenir Cloth
Calgary Tower (formally the Husky Tower) – Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Winter Games White Hat Candle
Calgary Olympics Token
Calgary Winter Olympics Display Banners/Posters
Calgary Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Ticket
California Roll Sushi
Caller Mackerel Label
Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age Poster
Callisto Engagement/Wedding Ring
Brave Leather Calum Belt
CAMBER Fidelity Speakers
Cambio Rino 12 speed Road Bike
Cambio Rino Bicycle
Cambio Rino Racing Bicycle
Camerons Brewing Packaging
Camicities T-shirt Graphic
Camila Rocker
Camino Chocolate
Camo (Edition of 25 Silkscreened Prints)
MLSE Camouflage Jerseys
Camouflage Utility Cabinet – Vancouver, British Columbia
Campagna 20th Anniversary T-REX
Campagna V13 Vehicle
Campari Toronto Offices
Camper Bicycle
Camper Kart
Campers- Happy Campers Campaign Proposal
Campfire Necklace
Campfires Booklet
Camping in Ontario Logo
Camus Floor Lamp
Can-Am 250 MX L/C Ad
Can-Am 250 Road Racer Motorcycle
Can-Am 320T Trials Motorcycle
Can-Am ASE 250 Motorcycle
Can Am Bumper Sticker
Can-Am Commander 800 XT
Can-Am Flat Track Motorcycle
Garry Hartman Can-AM Flat Track Motorcycle
Can Am Flat Tracker
Can-Am Ice Racer Motorcycle
Can-Am It’s Orange. And It’s Ripe Ad
Can-Am Minibike
Can-Am Motorcycles Logo
Can-Am MX-2 125 Motorcycle
Can-Am MX 3 Motorcycle
Can-Am MX4 370 Motorcycle
Can-Am MX5 370 Motorcycle
Can-Am Outlander MAX 800R XT
Can-Am MX7 250 Prototype Motorcycle
Can-Am Qualifier 370 Motorcycle
CAN AM Road America Poster
Can-Am Sonic 500 Ad
Can-Am Spyder
Can-Am Spyder RT Limited Trike
Can-Am Street 500 Motorcycle
Can-Am TNT 250 and 175 Motorcycles
Canada Flag Stained Glass Window
Canada 100 Poster
Canada 150 Celebration
Canada 150 Stamp Set
“Canada 150” Tulip
Canada 150 Typeface
Canada 150 Unhappiness – Blame 1967
Canada 1958 – The Official Handbook of Present Conditions and Recent Progress
Canada 1972 Brochure
Montréal Olympics Event Buttons
Montréal Olympics Event Buttons
Montréal Olympics Support Pennant
Canada 1976 T-Shirt
Canada – A Map In Words
Canada: A Modern History Cover
Canada Air O.H.M.S.
All Seasons Playground 5¢
Canada Aluminum Fuller Geodesic Domes Ad
Canada and the Working Person Brochure
Canada and USA Poster
Canada Around the World Program
Canada Art d’aujourd’hui Catalogue
Canada Art Pottery Vase
‘CANADA AT ITS BEST’ Canadian Mist Ad
Canada At War
Canada Aviation Museum / Musée de l’aviation du Canada Logo
Canada Basketball Logo
Canada Bud Beer Label
Canada Bumper Sticker
Canada by Canadian Pacific Print Ad
CP Timetable
Canada Card Company Advertisement
Canada Centennial Record
Canada Centennial Travel Ad
Canada Christmas Seals Full Sheet
Canada Christmas Seals Full Sheet
Canada Christmas Seals Full Sheet
Canadian Club Fishing Lure Promo
Canada Coat of Arms
Canada Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
Canada “Come Abroad” Print Ad
Canada Council for the Arts – Conseil des Arts du Canada Logo
Peacock Candle Colouring Kit
Canada Cup Logo
Canada Cycling CAN150 Kit
Louis Garneau Team Canada Cycling Jersey
Canada Day 45¢
Canada Day 2014 Google Doodle
Canada Day Blue Jays Cap
Canada Day Doodle 2016
Canada Day, Forts across Canada Stamps
Canada Day Google Doodle
Canada Day in London Logo
Canada Day Souvenir Hat
Canada Day 17¢ Stamp Sheet
Canada Department of Agriculture Salad Cookbook
Canada Descriptive Atlas
Canada Drifter Tailout Fishing Reel
Canada Dry “Route 1…for summer fun” Print Ad
Canada Dry “A good club soda” Ad
Canada Dry Bottle Carrier Carton
Canada Dry Bottle Carriers
Canada Dry Bourban Ad
Canada Dry “Cash Contest” Print Ad
Canada Dry “Cool…cool favorites!” Print Ad
Canada Dry “Enjoy Life” Print Ad
Canada Dry “Gin & Tonic” Print Ad
Canada Dry Grapefruit Wink Lenticular Card
Canada Dry Kids Dart Board Ad
Canada Dry Labels
Canada Dry Letterhead
Canada Dry Low-Calorie Root Beer Can
Canada Dry Nine Flavours Ad
Canada Dry “Of Course We Can” Print Ad
Canada Dry Pale Ale Sign
Canada Dry Poster
Canada Dry Purple Passion
Canada Dry Putter
Canada Dry “See No Evil” Ad
Canada Dry Share Love Pin
Canada Dry “Success story in 4 words” Print Ad
Canada Federal Elections Google Doodle
Canada Fitness Award Badges
Canada Flag Hoop Earrings
Canada Flag Hot Air Balloon
Berne Canada Flag Sweater
Canada From Sea to Sea Cover
Canadian Geese 15¢
Canada Gifts Sign
Canada Goose
Canada Goose & Concepts Chilliwack Parka
Canada Goose 2017 Spring/Summer “Chance Nothing” Collection
Canada Goose Bracelet
Canada Goose Buffalo Plaid Hat
Canada Goose Childs Toque
Canada Goose Chilliwack Jacket
Canada Goose Cold Room
Canada Goose Colette Lance Mackey Parka
Canada Goose Colette Parka
Canada Goose Cream and Sugar Set
Canada Goose Decoy
Canada Goose Earrings
Canada Goose + Eepmon Synthesis Parka
Canada Goose Heritage Jackets
Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket
Canada Goose Lodge Jacket
Canada Goose Lodge Vest
Canada Goose Macmillan NBA All-Star Edition Parka
Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket
Canada Goose Mini Soap
Canada Goose Mittens
Canada Goose Moraine Shell Jacket
Canada Goose Parkas Out in the Cold
Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka
Canada Goose Tactical Wear
Canada Goose Toque
Canada Goose Wainwright Coat
Canada Goose + Wings and Horns ‘The Decade’ Parka
Canada Goose x Concepts MA-1 Lodge Hoody
Canada Goose x Wings and Horns Decade Jacket
Canada Green Building Council Logo
Canada has made a virtue out of limited resources
Canada Health Infoway Logo
Canada-India International Food Aid Sack
Canada is Doing Innovation Wrong
Canada – Israel 60 Years Ans $1.70
Canada Israel Cultural Foundation Logo
Canada: Keep Exploring Campaign
Canada Leaf Rolling Tray
Canada Life Logo
Canada Line Logo
Canada Line Subway Furniture
Canada Lithographing Co. Logo
Canada Map Postcard Folder
Canada Maple Leaf Patch
Canada Maps and Guidebook
Canada Military Style Cycling Jersey
Canada more in touch with ‘American values’ than U.S.
Canada Mural
Canada National Parks Parcs Nationaux Pass
“Canada Needs a More Robust Strategy on Cultural Diplomacy”
We Need To Get Ready For Driverless Vehicles
Canada Needs You! Poster
Niagara Falls Decal
Canada, Nouvelle France Map
Canada Organic Logo
Canada Organic Logo
Canada Pacific International Auto Show Banner
CP Schedule
Canada Paint Company Ad
Canada Paint Sign
Canada Park Postcard
Souvenir Canada Patch
Canada Pavilion Expo 92 – Seville Spain
Canada Pavilion in Epcot
Canada Pavilion reveals restoration during Venice Biennale
Expo67 Canada Pavillion – Montréal, Québec
Canada Pavillion Shanghai Expo 2010
CANADA Picture Book Of A Great Land
Canada Place Logo
Canada Post Card
Canada Post Concept Vehicle
Canada Post Formula 1
Canada Post Mail Box Jam
Canada Post Mailbox Graffiti
Mental Health 10¢
Canada Post Navistar eStar
Canada Post ‘Postal Code’ Cartoons
Canada Post – Regina, Saskatchewan
Souvenir Collection of the Postage Stamps of Canada 1977
Canada Postage – Postes Packs
Greetings from Canada Postcard
Canada Road Maps (East and West)
Canada Russia Hockey Booklet and Ticket
Canada Saving Bonds Brochure
Canada Screen Award
CANADA Setanta Logo
Canada Shared by Canadians – Keep Exploring
dsquared2 Canada Flag Shoe
Canada Sings Music Sheet
Canada Soccer Logo
Canada Southeast & New Brunswick Map
Canada Southern Country Book Cover
Canada Souvenir Decals
Canada Souvenir Oven Mitt
Canada Souvenir Plate
Canada Souvenir Puffy Paint T-Shirt
Canada Speaks (Prime Ministers Print Ad)
Canada Speaks to the World
Canada Stickers
Canada Style Shopping Cart
CANADA Sublimated Jersey
“Canada…the wonderful world at your desktop” Ad
Canada. This Summer. Ad
Canada. This Summer. Print Ad
Canada Tomorrow’s Giant Book Cover
Canada Tourism Ad
Canada Trust Logo
Canada Undivided L’Indivisibilité du Canada Road Sign
Canada Vacation Ad
Canada Vacation Ad
Canada Vacations Unlimited Booklet
Canada Vacations Unlimited Ad
Canada Vacations Unlimited Ad
Canada Vacations Unlimited Magazine
Canada Vacations Unlimited Ad
Canada Vacations Unlimited Booklet
Canada Vacations Unlimited Print Ad
Canada Victory Souvenir
Canada Vignettes – Faces
Canada Vignettes: Logger
Canada Vignettes – The Maple Leaf
Canada War Food Poster
Canada West Brochure
Canada West Poster
Canada West Print Ad
Canada Winter Games Torches
Canada Winter Olympic’s Parka
Canada.com Logo
Canadair Canada Air Force Plane Ad
Canadair CL-215 Waterbomber
Canadarm (SRMS)
Canada’s 28th Parliament Book
Canada’s creative industries can lead the economic charge.
Canada’s Economic Action Plan Logo
Canada’s Edgy 150th Birthday Rebranding
Canada’s Festive Trains
Canada’s Greatest Living Comedian
Canada’s National Ballet School – Toronto, Ontario
Canada’s New Spirit – The Economist Magazine
Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec Ads
Canada’s North Lands Dish
Canada’s Picturesque East Coast Poster
Canada’s Pride Ale Label
The Trippy History of LSD Therapy
Canada’s Walk of Fame Rebrand
War Shrine Design
Canada’s Wonderland Logo
Canada Twelve Pence
$50 Bill
Canadian Aids Society Logo
Royal Canadian Air Force Roundel (post 1968)
Canadian Airlines Concept Livery
Canadian Airlines Logo
Canadian Airlines ‘Proud Wings’ Livery
Canadian Airman’s Memorial – Toronto, Ontario
Canadian Airlines Annual Report
Canadian Airways Ltd Baggage Label
Canadian Ace Beer Trays
Canadian Animal Cushions
Canadian Animal Series III
BMP Canadian Animals
Canadian Anthem Ad
Canadian Art – 10th Anniversary
Canadian Art – 15th Anniversary
Canadian Art Exhibition Catalogue
Canadian Art Foundation Logo
Handled Honey Pot
Canadian Art – Premier Issue
Canadian Art Winter 1957 No. 2
Canadian Art Wordmark
Canadian Artists 68 Catalogue
Canadian Convenience Store Association Logo
Canadian Astronaut Program Logo
Canadian Atlantic Railway Logo
AAA Toronto Map
Canadian Barbie
Canadian Bear Bells
Canadian Beauty Label
Canadian Beer Fridge
Canadian Blood Services Obituaries Ad
Canadian Blue Ensign (both versions)
Canadian Border Souvenir Postcard
Canadian Brass Logo
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1974-75 Annual Report
CBC Montréal Olympics TV Spot
Canadian Business ‘The Manual of Style 2013’
Canadian Cabin Trails Sign
Canadian Cancer Society Logo
Canadian Capers Sheet Music
Canadian Car & Foundry Stamp
Canadian Cards
“Canadian Carnage” Band Poster
Canadian Cattleman First Anniversary Cover
Canadian Centennial Drink Coasters
Canadian Centennial Indian Friendship Medallion
Canadian Centennial Magazine Rack
Canadian Centennial Series Plate
CCC Ashtray
CCC Large Vase
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Canadian Club 5 cent Cigar Box Lids
Canadian Club Bigfoot Ad
Canadian Club Classic Whisky
Canadian Club “International” Print Ads
Canadian Club “Into Labels” Print Ad
Canadian Club Packaging
Canadian Club Stache Coasters & Stirrers
Canadian Club Tie Ad
Canadian Club Whisky Ad
Canadian Coast Guard Livery
Canadian Coat of Arms Postcard
Canadian Colonial Airways Logo
Canadian Colonial Airways Luggage Decal
Canadian Colour Palette Postage Collection Proposal
Canadian Conference of the Arts Brochure
Canadian Constellations
Canadian Constellations Poster
Constitutional Proclamation
Canadian Construction Magazine Fall 1971
Canadian Content Poster
Canadian Content Poster
Canadian Council of the Arts Exhibition Poster
Canadian Cover Awards Logo
Canadian Curling Association Logo
The Canadian Bank of Commerce $20
1954 Canadian Bills
Canada Customs Raw Leaf Tobacco
Canadian Cycling Association Logo
Canadian Depression Glass Pitcher
Canadian Design Competitions to Know About Now
Canadian Design Council – Design of Merit Award
‘Canadian Design Matters’
Canadian Design of Excellence Award
Canadian Digital Cadpat Fleece Jacket
Canadian Doors Logo
Canadian Eskimo Dog
Laurentian Fat Lava Vase
Laurentian Fat Lava Vase
Canadian Film Centre Logo
Canadian Film Festival Posters
Canadian Film Festival Posters
Canadian Filmmakers Festival Posters
Canadian Fish Recipes
Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag Pin
Canadian Flag
Canadian Football League 1977 Schedule
CFL Logo
CFL Program
CFJBCDC Coat of Arms
Canadian Forces Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon
Canadian Forces Recruitment Spots
Ford of Canada Mechanic’s Handbook
Canadian Forest Products Association of Canada Logo
Canadian Geotechnical Journal
Activity badge – Patch Trader
Canadian Goose Decoy
Canadian Government Signage
Canadian Greetings Postcard Set: Calgary & Canada
Canadian Hardwood Bureau Logo
Canadian Hare Label
Canadian Heraldic Authority Window
Canadian Holmes Books
Canadian Home Journal June 1942
Canadian Horse Breed
Canadian Hunter “Captured by the taste”
Canadian Illustrated News Feb 1874
Canadian Independent Telephone Print Ad
Canadian Industrial Editors
Canadian Input
Canadian International Air Show Guide 1977
Canadian Karaoke
Canadian Lamp Fixture Manufacturers Association
Canadian Leaders “Shepard Fairey Style” Posters
Canadian Literature No. 1
Canadian Made TV Series Opening Animation
Canadian Magazine “A Search for An Ideal” Cover
Canadian Mammals Guide
Canadian Mason Jars Tealights
Canadian Medical Association Logo
Canadian Mental Health Association Logo
Canadian Metric Movement Logo
Canadian Mint Album Art
Canadian Missions Avatars
Canadian Mist Whisky Ads
Canadian Modern Pentathlon Champs Poster
Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canadian Museum of Civilization Logo
Canadian Music Wiki logo
Canadian National Exhibition Brochure
Canadian National Exhibition Programme
Canadian National Railway “Record Purchase” Ad
Canadian National Railway Turbo Train
Canadian National Railways Poster
Canadian Natural Logo
Canadian Nickel
Canadian Northern Rail
Canadian Northern Railroad Blanket
Canadian Olympic Team Identity
Canadian Olympic Team Uniforms Rio 2016
Canadian Opera 1977 Poster
Canadian Pacific Air International Ad
Canadian Pacific Airlines
Canadian Pacific Airlines Poster
Canadian Pacific All Services Map
Canadian Pacific Lounge Ashtray
Canadian Pacific City Mini-Guides
Empresses of the Pacific Magazine
Canadian Pacific Forest Products
Canadian Pacific Jets Ad
“Canadian Pacific Knew…” Print ad
Canadian Pacific Mont Cruises Poster
Canadian Pacific We’ve Got a Complex Print Ad
Canadian Pacific Railway Rotary Snowplow
Canadian Pacific Steamship Poster
Canadian Pacific “Travel Will Be Fun Again”
Visit Canada Poster
Canadian Paediatric Society Logo
Canadian Paralympic Games ‘Unstoppable’ Poster
Canadian Paralympic Team Commercial
Canadian Paralympics Ad
Pardon Services Canada Ad Spots
Canadian Patriotic Fund Poster
‘Canadian Patrol’ Sheet Music Cover
Canadian Pharmacy Association Logo
Canadian Photography: Booklet of 10 Domestic Stamps
Canadian Pict-o-Bands
Canadian Pictorial Magazine Vol 2 No 2
Canadian Pictures Book Cover
Canadian Pirate Party Tee
Canadian Polaroids
Canadian Potteries Vitrian Blue Vase
Expo67 Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry Pavillion – Montréal, Québec
Expo67 Canadian Pulp and Paper Pavilion Poster
Expo67 Canadian Pulp and Paper Hostess Uniform
Canadian Pulp & Paper Assoc. Ltd. Logo
Canadian Red Cross Identity
Canadian Red Cross Shipping Container
Canadian Rifle League Certificate
Canadian Rockies The Gray Line Brochure
Canadian Scented Candles
Canadian Screen Awards Logo & Statue
Canadian Security and Intelligence Service Logos
Canadian Shield Blankets
Canadian Ski Hill Information Graphics
Canadian Ski Museum Identity (concept)
Smart Fortwo Buffalo Print Car
Canadian Souvenir Table Cloth
Canadian Animal Series II
Canadian Space Agency Agence Spatiale Canadienne Logo
Canadian Staff Band Logo
Canadian Stock Images
Canadian Talent Library Logo
Canadian Tartans (partial collection)
Canadian Teachers Federation Logo
Canadian Television Fund / Fonds Canadien de Télévision Logo
CTF Logo
Canadian Territory Ad
Canadiana Theme Quilt
Canadian Tire 1956 Spring/Summer Catalogue
Canadian Tire Bike Commercial
Canadian Tire Catalgue Spring and Summer
Canadian Tire ‘Custom’ Hats
Canadian Tire Extra Fine Machine Oil Packaging
Canadian Tire Fall and Winter Catalogue
Canadian Tire Fall & Winter Catalogue
Canadian Tire Fall & Winter Catalogue
Canadian Tire Fall Winter Catalogue
Canadian Tire Gift Cards
Canadian Tire “Green” Shopping Bag
Canadian Tire Instore Display
Canadian Tire Money
Canadian Tire Spring and Summer 1969 Catalogue
Canadian Tire Spring and Summer Catalogue
Canadian Tire Tent Display
Canadian Tire TV Spot
Canadian Tourism “Iceberg Crash”
Canadian Tourism Commission & Canary Wharf
Canadian Toy Testing Award Stamp
WW1 Canadian Trench Design Vase
Canadian Unity Flag
Canadian Values Change Collection
Canadian Vintage Poster
Canadian War Museum – Ottawa, Ontario
Canadian War Museum Guide Book
Canadian War Museum Musee Canadien de la Guerre Logo
Canadian Waters Camping Sales Catalog
Canadian Wheat Board Logo
Canadian Whiskey T-Shirt
Canadian White Star Rose
Herta Canadian Wild Life Series
Canadian Wildlife Federation Anniversary Coins
Canadian Wildlife Federation Logo
Canadian Wildlife Series 1 Souvenir Plate
Canadian Woods Series 52¢
Canadian Wood Council Letterhead
Canadiana ’60 Magazine
Canadiana Print Fabric
Canadiana Jewelery Collection
Canadiana Print Swim Suit
Canadiana Celebrity Woodcuts
Canadiano coffee maker
Canadiens-Francais Enrolez-vouz Poster
Canadiens Grafitti
Candela Lights
Candid Coasters
Beauceware #C-3018 Candle Holder
Candle Holder
Candle Holders
Candle Holders
Candle Ice Sculpture
Candle Stick Holders
Spindle Candle Sticks
Wooden w/ Brass Insert Candlestick
Candy Coated Stools
CANE Hi Ball Glasses
Canfisco Logo
Canister + Salt and Pepper Set
Canned Hominy
Canning Jars
Plycraft Canoe
Canoe Landing Park – Toronto, Ontario
Canoe Museum T-Shirt
Canoe Pendant
Canopy at Maple Leaf Square – Toronto, Ontario
Canopy Online
Canopy Table
Canots Nor-West Canoes Inc. Logo
canplay series – Popular Performance Plays of Canada – Volume 1
Canterra Towers – Calgary, Alberta
Canuck 22 Package
Canuck Official Souvenir T-Shirt
Canuck Pottery Teapot
Vancouver Canucks Parking Pass
Cap’ N John Clam Bouillon Labels
Cape Bonavista Lighthouse – Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland
Cape Breton Highlands Nova Scotia Travel Ad
Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins Campaign
Cape Breton Postcard Folder
Cape Dorset Print Collection 1970 Catalog
Capitaine Kwang Chair
Capital Fur Boots
Capital Fur Tall Boots
“Capital Sights” Ontario Ad
Caplansky’s Deli Mustard Packaging
Temple Of Mmmmmm Print Ads
Cappello Lamp
Caprice Lighting
Capsul Wallet
Capsule Collection (Dishes & textiles)
Clipper CS-1 Capsule Office Pod
Captain Canuck Promo Button
Captain Canuck (Issues 1 & 11)
Captain Canuck $20 Coin
Captain Canuck Reissue Volume 1
Captain Canuck Reissue Volume 2
Capuccino Set
Car Wash Road Sign (modified)
Carapace Shelter
Carbon Bicycle Wheelset
Carbon de Bois Charcoal Logo
Ashley Watson Card Holders
Beaded Card Suits Moccasins
Cardboard Christmas Tree
Little Beaver & Wiggle Series
Careem Chair
Career Trek Poster Ads
Cargo Cosmetics
Cargo Cosmetics Logo
Cargo Records Logo
Caribou “Andorra” Album Art
Caribou Coat
Caribou Crossing Highway Sign
Caribou Crossing Road Sign
Caribou Habitat Case
Caribou Lamp
Caribou “Marino: The Videos” Cover
Milk of Human Kindness Album Art
Caribou Our Love Album Art
Caribou “She’s the One” Video
Caribou’s ‘Swim’ Album Art
The E.B Eddy Company Print Ads
Carleton Master of Design Recruitment Poster
Carleton Student Government Logo
Carl&Rose Art Deco Bracelets
Carl&Rose Dipped Deco Earrings
Carl&Rose Striped Planter
Carl&Rose Teacup Planter
Carly Rae Jepsen E•MO•TION Album Art
Carly Rae Jepsen – E*MO*TION Poster
Carly Waito Wedding Ring
Carnival Rawi Hage Poster
Carparelli Spirit of 69 Guitar
Carraig Ridge Development Houses
Carroll & Co. Identity
Carrot Slide Whistle
Carry-On Info Board
Cartier Bike Rack
Beauce Cartier #C-29 Tea Pot & Warmer
Beauceware Clay Cooker #C-50A (Tribal Pattern)
Beauceware Clay Cooker #C-50B (Fish Pattern)
Beauceware Clay Cooker #C-50F (Maple Leaves Pattern)
Beauceware Cartier C13 Dish
Jean Cartier Canoe Dish
Cartier Font
Cartier Mottled Vase
Beauceware Skimo Mugs
Carumba Experimental Edges Chair
Carved Bookends
Carved Canadian Animals Candle
Carved Maple Eyeglass Frames
Carved Porcelain Cream & Sugar
Carved Leather 3 Ring Binder
Carved Seal, Walrus, Whale Bracelet
Carved Stump Toothpick Holder
Carver Don Hartley Memorial Products
Casa Loma Souvenir Penny
Casabella Onda broom & dustpan
Casamista Portable Humidifier
Casbah Nude Nylons
Cascade Chandelier
Cascade House – Toronto, Ontario
Cascade Pilsner Beer Label
Case “Now it costs less” Ad
Casino de Montréal – Québec
Cast Door Wedge
Cast Hanging Lights
Cast Iron and Copper Bathtub
Cast Iron Round Table
Cast Pendant Lights
Cast Pendant Lights
Cast Pewter Collar
Caster Online
Castor Black Metal Hanging Lamp
The Invisible Chandelier
Castor Design Modern Oil Lamp
Castor is French for Beaver Newspaper
Castor Promo
Castor Vase
Casuals by Sisman Ad
Cat and Mouse Armour
CCC Cat Figures
Cat Paper Dress
Catalogue for The Missing Novella
Catalyst 6/Geigy Cover
Catawba Brights Canadian Sherry
Catch my Drip Umbrella Stand
Caterpillar D4 Ad
Pine Pottery Caterpillar Vase
Catherine Regehr Cushions
Cat’s Night Out Book
Cat’s Paw Ad
Catton House – Vancouver, British Columbia
Caution Highway Road Sign
CAW TCA Canada Logo
CAZ Chair
CBC ’74 Reporter Bag
CBC 75 Anniversary Logo
CBC Broach
CBC Television “Butterfly” Logo
CBC Kids Logo
CBC Logo Laptop Bag
CBC Lockout Political Cartoon
CBC Logo & Identity
CBC Logo 1986
CBC Radio Logo
CBC Logo Inspired Cleaners
CBC Montréal Olympics Press Pin
CBC Music Library LP
CBC Music Library LP
CBC Music Library LP
CBC Newsworld’s The National News Graphics (2000 -2002)
CBC Newsworld’s The National News Graphics
CBC “Now in color!” Print Ad
CBC Pride Toque
“I CBC Logo Radio 3” T-Shirt
CBC Radio 3 T-Shirts
CBC Radio 3 and Bucky Awards Promotion
CBC Radio “As It Happens” Print Ad
CBC Radio Print Ad
CBC Reel Package
CBC Reluctant Nation Ad
CBC Super Special Intro
CBC Toque
CBE + Caroline Larsen Artist Line T-Shirt
CBE Speckled Hoodie
CBS 753 Bicycle
CCA Logo
CCC Bud Vase
CCC Coffee Pot
CCC Cream & Sugar Set
CCC Dish (Aurora Borealis Glaze)
CCC Can Mug
CCC Vase
CCM 3 Speed Roadster Bicycle
CCM 652 Hockey Helmet
CCM $75,000 Buy a Bike
CCM Bicycle Ad
CCM Bicycle Owners
CCM Bike Wagon w/ Handbrake
CCM Breeze Bicycle
CCM Brochure
C.C.M. Centennial Bike
CCM Christmas Card
CCM Concorde 10-speed Bicycle Ad
CCM Cycling Packaging
CCM Elan Tandem Bicycle
CCM Encore Bicycle
CCM Exercise Book
CCM Exercise Book
CCM Flyer Track Bike
C.C.M. Flyte Bicycle
C.C.M. Flyte Skate Box
C.C.M. Galaxie Bicycle
CCM Hockey Skates + Box
C.C.M. Imperial Mark II Bicycle
CCM Joy Cycle Tricycle
CCM Joycycles Brochure
CCM Joyrider Trike
C.C.M. Logo (Original and Current)
CCM Mustang Custom Bicycle
CCM Path Racer Bicycle
CCM Print Ad
CCM ProGard B-HG265S Hockey Gloves
CCM Raquettes Catalogue
CCM Retro Bicycle
CCM Skate Guards
CCM Skates and Box
CCM Skates and Box
CCM Swinger Bike
CCM Tacks Ad
CCM Tacks Skates
CCM Triangle Tricycle
CCM Ultra Pro Gard Hockey Gloves
Oracle CD 2000 Transport and 2500 Player
Hothouse CD Holder
Blobject CD Player
CDA Logo
CDN Car Decal
CDN Design History 101
CDN Flag Dress
CDN Woman Architects Stamps
Ce qui s’embrasse est confus Franz Schürch Book Cover
Nlaka’pamux Cedar Basket
Cedar Sprig Earrings
CEE Identity and Stationery
Cees Van Veelen Photography Logo
Celebrate People’s History: Gabriel Dumont Poster
Célébrons Notre Créativité Posters
Celery Style Vases
Céline Dion Collection
Cell Bowls
Cement Barrier Grafitti (Olympic Village Site)
Cement Pearl Earrings
Cement/Bag Wall
Censored Swimsuit
Recensement 1871–1971 Census 6¢
Centenary of Arctic Islands Acquisition 17¢ Stamp
Centenary of the Letter Carrier Delivery Service 8¢ Set
Expo67 Souvenirs
Centennial Birch Bark Box
Centennial Camporee Patch
Centennial Coffee Mug
Centennial College Athletic and Wellness Centre – Toronto, Ontario
Centennial Stemmed Glass
Centennial Cup and Saucer
Centennial $1
Centennial Glasses
Centennial Hockey Cards
Centennial Issue Ontario road maps
Centennial Jug
Centennial Logo
Centennial of Flight Logo
Centennial Poster
Centennial Pressed Penny
Centennial Pressed Penny Vase
Centennial Pendant
Centennial Scouts Canada Patch
Centennial Souvenir Ball
Centennial Symbol Graphics Manual
Centennial Trail Sign
Centerpiece Basket Bowl
Central Library Mural – Calgary, Alberta
Central Tech Visual Arts Annex – Toronto ON
Centrale d’Artisanat du Quebec Logo
Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research – Toronto, Ontario
Centre for the Study of Political Graphics
Centre Village – Winnipeg, Manitoba
“Century Sam” – BC Centennial Mascot
Acorns, Spruce & Pine Cones
Ceramic Arts Goose Dish
Ceramic Arts Ashtray
Ceramic Arts Ashtrays
Ceramic Arts Calgary Dish
Ceramic Arts Pot with lid
Northern Pottery Beaver
Ceramic Birds
Ceramic Bird
Ceramic Bottles