Lizz Aston – A textile designer whose work is blurring the lines between graphic, product and pattern design. Her work is beautiful and crafted…an invitation to break down creative silos and to just make things that engage.

Jason Botkin and Rupert Bottenberg – Their group EN MASSE is pulling graphic design and illustration from the page to the urban space. Big bold and beautiful work that entertains the eyes, and gives your brain a refreshing break from the boredom that dominates our cityscapes.

Liz Eeuwes – Working primarily in textiles and housewares, her work explores the Canadian aesthetic. She is not just dusting off the past, but using our shared symbols to remind us of our roots and to think about how we project ourselves on the global stage.

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Thom Fougere – What a run he has been on, helping rebuild the furniture brand EQ3 for the future, and still finding time to create lines of thoughtful and locally inspired objects (like the tindel stone vessels above). Watch Thom as he continues to define where contemporary Canadian design is heading.

Cynthia Hathaway – This is a long overdue nod to a long time friend of The CDR. Part of the legendary Droog Design team, authored and managed a MA program at Holland’s Design Academy and more recently the Reitveld Academy, and a product designer who is unafraid to blend art and design research to create meaningful pieces and culturally forward ideas. She is an expat that is representing Canada very well on the global stage.

Alex Josephson – Part of the PARTISANS agency in Toronto, his interior architecture work is raising the bar for the whole business to rise to. Less about decorating and more about creating memorable and human spaces that give users a sense of wonder and joy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.21.47 AM
Shane Krepakevich – Exploring how great objects can be made with less and still pack a formal punch, his studio Mercury Bureau is occupying the front line of industrial design in the country with products that prove design is still a force in culture making.

Jamie Lawson – A fantastic illustrator who is growing in confidence and broadening his practice to include packaging, identity, and graphic design. A total bonus for clients and design fans who benefit from his straightforward, pretty, and unfussy style.

Fidel Peña – Oh yeah, Underline is the shit. So much gold pouring out of this agency into the world. Bold palettes, smart layouts and approach, every piece he is making is a study on how graphic design is working today.

Jade Rude – An artist who uses design objects as a tactic, bringing the surprise and pleasure of art into daily life, and proving that products are poetry.

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