TL;DR: Pretending to be successful is the new status quo. To break free of this damaging illusion, stop paying attention—and instead concentrate on offering value to a few.

It happened so quietly that few noticed it. The machines won—and it was the perfect victory. It started with the innovators. They created the virus, thinking it would bring people closer together. I doubt they even considered how the virus would rewire those infected.

Now, we live in Faketopia: a simulacrum of our previous world. We are servants of the algorithm.1 We feed it by pretending. We enhance images and stories to appear more compelling. We use follower counts to imply social capital. We sell expertise and insight we do not possess, propped up by dubious claims.

“Oh Eric, you vaccuous pussbag.” You sigh. I know… I know… It all sounds a little over the top. But is it?

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