If you feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end design job, jumping through endless hoops of client feedback in the name of commercial success, then Extinction Rebellion might just have the solution for you: Join the rebellion.

Back in May, I sat down with three co-founders of the climate activism movement Extinction Rebellion in a distant and somewhat sterile corridor of Birmingham City University. Clare Farrell, Clive Russell and Miles Glyn have been part of the movement since its beginning, helping to block five bridges over the river Thames in November last year in one of the biggest acts of peaceful civil disobedience in the UK’s recent history. They helped name the movement and design its bold identity, now a global symbol of climate change activism. And since the group first announced a Declaration of Rebellion against the UK government in October 2018, the community of nonviolent activists has persistently protested, marched and amassed over 1,000 arrests to address the fact that we are in the so-called “sixth mass extinction” and must act now.

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