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Canada Will Double Syrian Refugees Admitted in 2016

You read that correctly. Double. John McCallum, the country’s minister of immigration and citizenship, announced that Canada will be expanding its refugee resettlement program, taking in 50,000 Syrian refugees next year.

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And it’s not as though they were slacking. Taking on 25,000 people with such welcoming arms in 2015 is great, especially when you compare it to the indecisiveness and inaction happening south of their border.

Being from the U.S. and watching Canada’s response to the refugee crisis is almost like living in a parallel universe.

Everything about what they’re doing seems to better exemplify “American values” than what the U.S. is doing. As the States descend into a hellhole of authoritarian nationalist B.S., Canada’s on top of things when it comes to refugees.

Speeding up the vetting process.

Canada is working with the UN refugee agency, the International Organization for Migration, and the Jordanian government to help speed the vetting process, Minister McCallum told press.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the idea of speeding up the vetting process is almost laughable given the current rhetoric being spouted by presidential candidates and lawmakers. Public support for refugees is tragically low, with 54% of Americans opposing U.S. resettlement of any Syrian refugees.

Welcoming and accepting other cultures.

One of the most heartwarming videos from Canada’s foray into refugee resettlement involves a group of schoolchildren singing a historical Arabic welcome song that was originally “sung to the Prophet Mohamed when he sought refuge from Makkah to Medina.”

And then there’s the story of a Vancouver developer who’s converting a 12-unit property into temporary housing for refugees to stay free of charge.

But just last week in the U.S., a Virginia school district came to a standstill after a calligraphy assignment involving Arabic text caught the attention of some angry parents, one of whom accused the district of attempting to “indoctrinate [her children] with the Islam religion.”Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.39.25 PM

The U.S. seems to be embracing the mantel of xenophobic cesspool more with each passing day. “American values?” Not here.

Until we get our act together, we need to admit to ourselves that we are not the extraordinary country we think we are. We need to admit that we’re not “home of the brave,” especially when we’re cowering from refugees and arming our own citizens to the teeth. We need to admit that there’s nothing “free” about this land until you were born here and happen to be a part of a very privileged class of people.

We need to admit that we don’t know what we’re doing anymore.

It’s only then, after acknowledging how far we’ve strayed from the “melting pot” that we were once taught our country was, that we can begin to reject xenophobic ramblings of certain presidential candidates. It’s only after we give ourselves a good look in the mirror that we can reclaim those values as even remotely our own.

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