Maple Leaf Tartan


Well folks, we’ve got another national symbol in the roster. As of today, Maple Leaf Tartan joins the National Flag, the Coat of Arms and the Wordmark as an official symbol of Canada. According to our sources, the designer captured the colours the Maple Leaf turns throughout the seasons: green in the summer to yellow to red at the first frost, with the intersections blending into two tones of brown at the end of its life come winter. Lovely symbolism (no pun intended).

A statement made on March 3, 2011 by Senator Elizabeth Hubley, to move second reading of Maple Leaf Tartan Bill S-226 goes into more depth into the significance of tartans in general and the history of David Weiser and the Maple Leaf tartan.

It’s humble, yes, but it’s very Canadian, and history has just been made.


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