Roots Tom Thomson Collection

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A new Roots clothing and the Tom Thomson Art Gallery has created a collection honouring artist Tom Thomson for his influence and aesthetic.  Roots’ co-founder Michael Budman says “I first became aware of him in my youth while attending Camp Tamakwa in Algonquin Park. His passion for the park and the wilderness really resonated with me. When I later became more familiar with his art, I appreciated him even more . . . I had often thought that Roots should somehow pay tribute to his legacy as his values are very much consistent with what Roots is all about.” The collection is hoped to inspire shoppers on this part of the Canadian visual heritage, become a new revenue stream for the gallery, and to exercise a collaborative spirit at Roots. Sadly, the collection includes some pieces that feature the inscription from the Thomson memorial plaque at the park – “To the Memory of Tom Thomson, Artist, Woodsman, and Guide. Who was Drowned on Canoe Lake, July 8, 1917. He lived humbly but passionately with the wild” – with a photo of Thomson catching a fish will also be reproduced on a T-shirt – this seems poorly considered.


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