Plié Project

In classical ballet, where uniformity is the rule, staging this picture is bit like throwing down a gauntlet. Or maybe a pink satin pointe shoe. Here’s how Dez and Loctin captioned the photo when they shared it on Instagram last month:

“Strength in diversity. In a world where the ballerina ‘has to look’ a certain way, we decided to showcase the beauty of these unconventional but extremely talented dancers and break the boundaries of stereotypes.”

Both artists have personal ties to the ballet, which partly explains their interest in the message. Loctin’s previous career was in classical music. The ballet, she explains, was always connected to her work. Dez is a dancer herself, and as a photographer, she shoots companies around the world, including the Black Iris Project in New York City.

“In my work, I’m used to working with diverse people,” says Dez. “There’s a wave of change that is happening in the dance world and it was important to me to push it forward because I myself, I’m a mix.”

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