Peggy Sue Collection

The peggysuecollection won the 2017 DX Emerging Designer Competition in Toronto by showcasing the company’s practices that benefit the climate and advocacy for sustainable fashion. Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks sets the focus on local North American farming communities and brings ethically sourced wool, alpaca, organic cottons and recycled denim to the fashion industry. By believing in the public’s knowledge of production and the supply chain, the garment’s quality and the artisan’s craft, the American designer has become a pioneer for the sustainable fashion movement.

Peggy Sue establishes a direct professional relationship with North American farmers, millers and artisans with the hopes of bringing value to the local fibre economy. Her line of sustainable fashion is made in Canada and the garment’s fibres are 100% traceable— from the wool to the wooden buttons. The aesthetic of this ethical luxury brand concentrates itself in intelligent and elegant design. The efforts and thoughtful methods of the Peggy Sue Collection build a new connection between the wearer and the farmer. Thus, it not only promotes sustainable fashion through eco-minded practices, but also accents individual relationships between the people involved in the artistic and economic processes.

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