Opening Ceremony + Canada Goose Jackets

Opening Ceremony, a global fashion brand, lent its efforts to aid in the creation of a line of new Canada Goose jackets that were debuted during New York Fashion Week 2016.

Each sports a unique paisley print — some versions showing it all over, while others just carry it in the lining. The arms of the new Canada Goose jackets include branding from both companies, which are shown side-by-side to make the collaborative effort known.

One design that stands out particularly is a lilac down jacket that includes the paisley print both on the interior and the outer shell. It’s complemented by fur on the hood that’s a rich navy tone, making for a feminine piece that’s sure to garner its wearer some attention. A more subdued version includes a light olive down jacket that’s enhanced by some blue and green paisley on the lining and a deep green fur on the hood.

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