Nordstrom + Herschel Collection

Known for launching themed pop-up shops since 2013, Pop-In@Nordstrom has partnered with global travel brand Herschel Supply Co. on an exclusive travel and music culture-inspired collection designed by Olivia Kim, Nordstrom VP of Creative Projects. The range features six new collections in four fabrications of the Canadian manufacturer’s signature backpacks, duffle bags, crossbodies, hip packs and more. Kim mentioned in a press release on what it was like to design the pieces:

“I have been a long-time fan of Herschel as a go-to brand for travel and adventure and it was an exciting opportunity to be able to collaborate on this collection. It was so much fun putting a twist on some of my favorite classic Herschel styles, reimagining these pieces with bright colors and fun textures. The end result is a collection of pieces are as stylish as they are versatile, I hope our customers will love them and discover the world of Herschel through a new lens when they visit Pop-In@Nordstrom.”

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