Naturaglacé Packaging

The Nendo team was keen to reflect the brand’s strong values – something they didn’t feel the original packaging conveyed particularly well.

“The brand value lies in raw materials which are of 100 per cent natural origin. However, there was an issue that those strengths and characteristics were vague,” said the studio.

They selected a colour palette of 11 shades inspired by raw materials, which were then applied to the white packaging in brush-stroke patterns.

Each of the 10 products are distinguished by a different pattern and colour combination. Inside, products are concealed within matt grey containers.

The compact cases for foundation and eyeshadows are designed to look a painter’s palette, and feature a small indent on the edge to place the fingers.

“In this way, by borrowing nature’s gifts and applying them on yourself as if a watercolour artist would paint a canvas, a design about the pleasure of applying makeup is accomplished.”

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