furni digitalfurni watch 1

Best known for their retro styled alarm clocks, Furni also has a fantastic and ongoing line up of watches. The studio typically collaborates to design their watches and this piece continues this smart tradition.

Clubmumble, the skateboarding/street culture blog and Furni teamed up to create this slick, ’80s-styled digital design. Each plastic white unisex watch comes with either a black or gray face, gold buttons and accents, and the standard wristwatch things like a stopwatch, alarm, and the classic Furni feature of being “somewhat” water-resistance. My favourite detail is the etching on the back of the watch stating that we should “Work smarter, not harder”.

Good news, when you purchase this watch a portion of the sale goes to the contributor campaign which works to get skateboards to underprivileged youth in Canada, and each watch comes with a 1″ badge proudly stating I am a contributor.


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